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Friday Photo Flashback

I couldn’t sleep much last night. Partly because Wes has a cough, but mostly because I was bursting with thankfulness. And this morning I remembered I forgot to post a photo on Friday. So the thankfulness carries over to this week’s “flashback” – from the Fall of 2002 (I know one of the photos says 2003, but it was 2002!) when I was studying abroad in Italy. I felt so blessed that my 76-year-old grandparents scheduled a trip to coincide with my study abroad so they could come and visit me!

Here we are traveling in Switzerland on top of the Jungfrau (westernmost and highest peak of the Bernese Swiss Alps)…I’ve never been anywhere else where I’ve felt so high up.
Jungfrau top

And this is one of my all-time favorite photos of Bebo & Geah (aka Fritz & Betty)
Jungfrau, Betty &Fritz

One of the last days they were there we did a blitz tour of Rome. Here’s a photo of Bebo and me at the Trevi fountain right after I tossed in a coin and a wish.
Rome Trevi Fount


Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth.
Worship the LORD with gladness;
come before him with joyful songs.
Know that the LORD is God.
It is he who made us, and we are his;
we are his people, the sheep of his pasture.

Enter his gates with thanksgiving
and his courts with praise;
give thanks to him and praise his name.
For the LORD is good and his love endures forever;
his faithfulness continues through all generations.

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Friday Photo Flashback and Summer Hair in February

This photo was taken when Rand was 10 days old…Uncle Sam was brave enough to be with Rand the first time we left him alone. I wish we could say we did something adventurous but Wes and I went to the grocery store and were gone less than an hour. I was trying to remember Rand as a baby because he is such a little boy now and no longer a baby at all. Also I was thinking of Sam because we are celebrating his birthday (a little early) tomorrow.

Also…as promised, here are the hair pics. You have no idea how terrible I am with a camera and “modeling” – I make the dumbest expressions. I took way too many photos (and tried out all the mirrors in the house) but most of them ended up showing off how dirty my bathrooms were instead of my hair. I also learned how to use the “self-timer” on my camera. Now I just need to learn how to get it to focus on the “self-timer” setting. Here you go. Gingham shirt is NOT from J. Crew. Target boys department for $12.99.

And you don’t want to know HOW LONG it took me to figure out that you have to look at the camera in the reflection, not yourself…

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Friday Photo Flashback

This amazing January weather we are having reminds me of Brant & Claire’s wedding weekend – a beautiful weekend we spent last January in Jekyll Island, GA.  Who would have thought it would be 70 and sunny the last weekend in January.  Well here we go again!  And…an early Happy Anniversary to Brant & Claire!  I hope the sun is shining in Indiana for you this weekend.

Does it look like we had fun? Well, we did.

So did the Bride’s family

Me…a little over 7 months pregnant with Rand.

We all stayed in the restored Crane Cottage

(this image from Jekyll Island Resort)

It had a beautiful courtyard where we gathered pre-rehearsal dinner

It couldn’t have been a more beautiful setting for a wedding

We went on lots of beach walks over the weekend (Preggers wasn’t allowed to ride bikes around the island like everyone else…)
Driftwood beach was my favorite.

Me, brother & sister

Awwe…matching jackets

Lots of family catching up time

The End

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Friday photo flashback

(I know it is Sunday, but I’m trying to pretend it is Friday…) It is hard to believe that Rand was 9 months old on Friday. Here’s a photo of him at 3 months with his skinny little legs.

6 months later…he is SO BIG! At least he thinks he is. His “Ema” taught him how to put his hands over his head when you say “How big is Rand? He’s Soooo Big!” Funny thing, when he hears the video playing he’s been putting his hands up too. Raise the roof Rand.

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Friday Photo Flashback

I am so excited for this weekend. Our dear friends who moved away this summer are back for a visit (and our bible study group’s “Thanksmus” party). I can’t wait to catch up. Here we are Christmas 2009…not the greatest photo, but I had to post it because I’m way to excited to think about anything else!!!


Also, here’s some catching up on recent photos from the iPhone…

This past week Rand took advantage of the warm weather and went for a stroll with his Bebo (His great-granddad who also has blue eyes).  Highlights of the scenic tour included the St. Joseph’s fountain and several giant Christmas trees.  The trees had some decorative packages underneath and Rand reached for them and acted like he was going to open them.  Guess I should wrap a thing or two for him after all (I was in the mindset of … he won’t know the difference … WRONG!) Wes announced to me tonight that Rand will put milk and cookies out for Santa. Wes, what kind of cookies would you like?

photo (15)

This next out-of-focus shot is from the powder room at a luncheon I went to last week. I have always LOVED this wallpaper but wanted to snap a photo because I only remember it every December when I go to the Christmas Nativity Luncheon benefitting the Moore County Coalition for Human Care. This year, the speaker was author of Under the Overpass, Mike Yankoski.  He was awesome.   More awesome than the wallpaper but I still do love it.

photo (19)

Probably because the colors/pattern reminds me of the Scalamandre zebra wallpaper.  I think I saw this zebra wallpaper for the first time in The Royal Tenenbaums.  I’m thinking our hall bathroom would look really fun with either one.  I wonder which one is less expensive?

Here’s a bathroom by Miles Redd.  I think I read somewhere that Kate Spade has the green version in her bathroom.

(Miles Redd via Elle Decor via shelterpop)

Last night, mom and I went to the opening of a gallery for artists Jessie Mackay, Meredith Martens and Marilyn Arthur.  The art was fantastic and a portion of the proceeds go to the Empty Stocking Fund.  The gallery will be open all weekend long (if there is any art left – go soon if you want to buy!  There are lots of smaller, inexpensive paintings that are so beautiful if you are looking to start your collection!) in the Village of Pinehurst in the Razooks building.

Here’s a phone shot of me and artist Jessie Mackay.  My favorite painting is behind her…love the colors (turquoise and orange) and the wildflowers.  Makes me think of this past spring!

photo (18)

Happy wall coverings and happy weekend!

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Friday Photo Flashback

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. Wowzers. Today, we had a doc appointment in Charlotte and, while in the neighborhood, we cruised through IKEA, aka: the most kid-friendly store I’ve ever been in. We plopped Rand into a highchair for lunch and he was so happy just watching the buzz all around him. He even tasted his first mashed potatoes (Wes wouldn’t share any meatballs) which got me thinking that we’ll have to puree some turkey and mashed potatoes for him this week!

Anyhow, on to the photo flashback…this foggy gem of Franklin siblings is from Thanksgiving 2009. Perhaps the foggiest and one of the most fun Thanksgivings. We were with our good friends the Halberts and the Butlers AND it was the Thanksgiving that we adopted our puppy Nina! I’m pretty sure I wore that same vest last year and what do you know…I have it on now. Good thing the weather has been different so we can tell which year is which!

I can’t show you a pic from last year because it was a freezing cold drizzlefest BUT, here’s a little video flashback from sunny 2008 (also the year I got a flip cam…).

We can’t wait to show Rand this fun family and community tradition. Already praying for good weather this year!

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Friday photo flashback

Fall 1983. The famous family pumpkin costume.

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Friday Photo Flashback

Last Sunday, I celebrated my 30th birthday, so I thought this oldish photo would be appropriate –


It was taken on my 24th Birthday. I was looking for some “hair pics” because I MUST get my hair cut ASAP (no one told me your hair falls out after you have a baby…). The last time I got my hair cut was JUNE and now, 4 months later, minus a LOT of it, it is starting to look pretty straggly. But I’m trying to decide: Bangs or No Bangs?

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Friday Photo Flashback

Fishing - NSB

While I’m ready to get back to our normal routine, I’ll be sad to leave the beach tomorrow.  I’ll especially miss waking up to the sound of the ocean and the beautiful sunrises (yep – we’ve been up for every single one!)

Each morning while having our coffee and hanging out with Rand, we’ve enjoyed watching a fisherman or two set up his bucket and pole, toss the cast net to catch his bait and then wade patiently with his line out in the surf as the sun starts to climb.

A few mornings, we’d see entire families fishing – reminding me of when my father would get up at 6am or so and, sometimes, we’d get to go too.  This is one of my favorite photos ever.  If I was a painter, I’d like to have a painting of it.


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Friday Photo Flashback

Family - NSB

Family2 - NSB

There are lots of these photos of my family together at the beach floating around in albums here and there…a pretty good idea to take a photo in the same spot each year. We’re going to have to come up with one of those ourselves. Any location ideas? On another note, how awesome is my giraffe swimsuit?!

You may be familiar with it already, but I’ve just seen the website Dear Photograph – what a sweet idea!  You take an old photograph and hold it up in the same place and take a new picture, and add a nice note too.

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Friday Photo Flashback

I miss Geah (what I call my grandmother) already, so you might hear about her a lot on the blog and you should just be okay with that.

So…I was looking back through photos (mostly events and vacations – I’m going to have to hook up the scanner soon y’all so we can get some real oldies) and I came across this one of my 4 favorite women. This picture is not great of any of them, hopefully they won’t mind.

It was taken at my baby shower and it makes me laugh because Geah was trying to figure out what on earth a “Pee-pee-tee-pee” was. Then the “hooter hider” really threw her for a loop. She couldn’t get over all the new things out there for babies these days. She was so amazed by the new cloth diapers, she treated Rand to a set of Fuzzi Bunz – one thing that we DO use every day.

I’ll never forget the day Wes and I called to tell her the news. Wes describes it as a “banchee warrior holler” noise that she made on the phone, followed by tears (of joy). She noticed the most when my belly grew.  And, when she met Rand for the first time, she said over and over how she just couldn’t believe all of that boy was in me…although this photo below was taken the day before Rand arrived and there is either a 7.5lb baby or a giant basketball under my shirt!

Geah made pregnancy extra fun. She’d sing nursery rhymes and talk to my belly several times a week (she did so even more often after I confessed to not doing it myself). She’d call almost every day to check on me and invite us to lunch or dinner.  And she’d show up at my doorstep with tupperware after tupperware of oranges all sectioned out and ready to eat (my main pregnancy craving…followed by krispy kreme). Some days, I’d pull in the driveway and see a little bag hanging on the doorknob and know she’d been by with more oranges and stacks of coupons. In fact, Harris Teeter must be honoring my grandmother with TRIPLE COUPONS this week.

Tomorrow, all the family arrives for Geah’s funeral.  So I may not get to Harris Teeter this time, and I may not even get another blog post up this weekend.  But I imagine Geah knows, and is thrilled that grocery shoppers are saving and that all of her grandchildren will be together again.

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Friday Photo Flashback

April 2008

pics 246

So…I thought it would be fun each Friday to randomly choose a photo and just write whatever I remember about it.  Shuffling through (Yay for 3-fingers on the Mac trackpad.  Love it.) I found this sunny pic.  The photo itself isn’t much, but it makes me wish I was back on this vacation with Wes at the Eden Rock in St. Barts (side note: Best vacation ever. If you have a chance to go to St. Barts, GO. It is beautiful.)

While sunning on the beach, I persuaded Wes to go with me on a swim…around the “Eden rock.” From our point of view (and the view of the photo) it didn’t look far at all.

Moral of the story – don’t trust me when it comes to judging distance. “Oh, it really is just down the road.”  Right, I have heard myself use that one before too. Here’s an aerial I found online:

Eden Rock
Yellow Arrow – Place where I had to tread water and wait on Wes, wishing I had some goggles or a mask/snorkel to check out the reef below.  It was also here I learned that not all great athletes are great swimmers.  He wanted to turn back, “Oh it is just a little bit farther,” I convinced us.

Pink Arrow – Romantic outdoor table where we sat that evening, eating an extravagant French meal as we watched the sharks circling below.

Here’s another view.  Just for fun.  Definitely not the most brilliant idea I’ve ever had.  It was a not-so-direct barefoot walk back to our beach chairs as neither of us wanted to swim it again.

(this Image via:

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