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Happy Monday

Happy Monday!

Here’s the “watching golf with daddy on Sunday afternoon” photo…


Also, a heads up. Thomas Paul pom-pom scarves are on sale today (big time!) at They are so cute. I first saw the cute pom-pom scarves on Emily over at Emphasis Added (fun blog to read!).  I love the grey pom pom one and the cute flag one…

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Here I go again

It all started with Pinterest…and now I want to bake this cake from Eddie Ross (minus the basketweave icing.  I think I’d go for just plain white icing look or maybe some candies or polka dots)

And I want to fix up my desk/workspace (which means I must clean it up first…) after seeing these fun desky things:

And I also would like to plan or attend a party that looks like this…AMAZING.   Probably one of my favorite color schemes I’ve ever seen.  I love how it is rustic AND glam.  And I’m always a taker on smores/roasting marshmallows.    Here’s the gallery from Style Me Pretty with ALL the pictures.

Credits:  Photography: averyhouse / Concept + Design: Bliss Weddings & Events / Venue: The Pullman Barn at Chicago Botanic Gardens / Floral Design: Cornelia of Cornelia McNamara / Paper Goods: Cheree Berry Paper


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Friday Photo Flashback and Summer Hair in February

This photo was taken when Rand was 10 days old…Uncle Sam was brave enough to be with Rand the first time we left him alone. I wish we could say we did something adventurous but Wes and I went to the grocery store and were gone less than an hour. I was trying to remember Rand as a baby because he is such a little boy now and no longer a baby at all. Also I was thinking of Sam because we are celebrating his birthday (a little early) tomorrow.

Also…as promised, here are the hair pics. You have no idea how terrible I am with a camera and “modeling” – I make the dumbest expressions. I took way too many photos (and tried out all the mirrors in the house) but most of them ended up showing off how dirty my bathrooms were instead of my hair. I also learned how to use the “self-timer” on my camera. Now I just need to learn how to get it to focus on the “self-timer” setting. Here you go. Gingham shirt is NOT from J. Crew. Target boys department for $12.99.

And you don’t want to know HOW LONG it took me to figure out that you have to look at the camera in the reflection, not yourself…

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Around town

Yesterday was a big day. Rand learned how to drink out of a straw! I really didn’t have to even teach him, just gave him a new sippy cup like this one with a straw, and he just did it on his own.

Wes’ mom suggested we try a straw sippy cup (we’ve tried the other ones and he can drink from them, but we have to hold them for him) and so I picked one up when I was out… unfortunately only color left was pink.   Really it made all the difference to have the straw. Now he is drinking water like a champ. The book I’m reading stresses that it is important for kids to have water with meals when they eat solid foods (more on the meals and Rand’s 9 month appointment later!).

Rand and I stopped by the local Habitat Resale store just to see if they had anything fun and although we didn’t find anything we couldn’t live without, we did see some cool things…maybe for your home?

I love this coffee table. Probably because it looks like the one I already own. Would look cool with the faux bamboo painted red, don’t you think?

Saw this fun preppy blue and green chair. It was in great shape, so you wouldn’t even have to recover it.

Really nicely framed horse lithographs. I may have to go back for these.

I must have been on a horse-kick because I was also drawn to this weathervane. I can just imagine it painted a bright pop color like green or turquoise or red. Apparently green is the “it” color for the spring…

That’s all for now. We are lying low today with some stuffy noses.

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Weekend Recap

This photo pretty much sums up the days around here (cheerios stuck to our faces), but what fun would only one photo be?

Saturday I went to two estate sales and found some awesome framed moths.  Moths? Really? Well, apparently if I’d gone the first day, I’d have gotten the butterflies, but I’m a bargain shopper and I always go the “50% off” second day of the sale.  I still think they are beautiful and I adore how they are framed.  I’ll keep you posted where they wind up in the house.

photo (39)

Saturday afternoon, Sam and Kristen went with us to Weymouth Woods for a little hike to see the bridge that Sam built when he was in high school.  It was his Eagle Scout project.  It is pretty awesome.

Rand was excited to finally get to see it too.

Sam, Kristen, Wes and I have been trying to find the perfect shrimp and grits recipe and Saturday night, we tried our second recipe. This one has been the best so far, likely because it is from Crook’s Corner in Chapel Hill.

The only changes we suggest: we added chopped red pepper (at the same time as the green onions) and decided next time, the shrimp need to be cooked separately and then added AFTER they have almost cooked all the way. Our shrimp were large and took longer to cook and I think it made the veggie/sauce mixture a little overdone.  Also, we didn’t add all the salt it called for in the cheese grits. Shrimp and cheese are already salty folks!

(image from

Okay, on to another very exciting part of my weekend – my StitchFix arrived and I now have a new sweater that I LOVE!  StitchFix is a fun new venture (I admit, I was skeptical and just wanted to test it out) that turned out to be very impressive!  First, I filled out a style survey, then I paid $20 and scheduled a “Fix.”  Each StitchFix shipment is 5 items especially picked out for you based on your style survey.  I had to admit, I really loved all 5 items that came in my fix, but could only choose this time (so I’ll have some cash left to do it again!) The $20 you paid to schedule your delivery is deducted from whatever you choose to purchase.   And you don’t have to purchase anything if you don’t want to.  When you’re done trying everything on you just seal everything up in the USPS bag that is enclosed and put it back in the MAILBOX.  So easy.  So fun.  So clever.

Here’s my sweater.  Sorry for the scary iPhone eyes.

photo (38)
Sweater – RD Designs via StitchFix

Oh and I have to mention that there is also a little card attached to each item with “what to wear” instructions.

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Friday Photo Flashback

I am so excited for this weekend. Our dear friends who moved away this summer are back for a visit (and our bible study group’s “Thanksmus” party). I can’t wait to catch up. Here we are Christmas 2009…not the greatest photo, but I had to post it because I’m way to excited to think about anything else!!!


Also, here’s some catching up on recent photos from the iPhone…

This past week Rand took advantage of the warm weather and went for a stroll with his Bebo (His great-granddad who also has blue eyes).  Highlights of the scenic tour included the St. Joseph’s fountain and several giant Christmas trees.  The trees had some decorative packages underneath and Rand reached for them and acted like he was going to open them.  Guess I should wrap a thing or two for him after all (I was in the mindset of … he won’t know the difference … WRONG!) Wes announced to me tonight that Rand will put milk and cookies out for Santa. Wes, what kind of cookies would you like?

photo (15)

This next out-of-focus shot is from the powder room at a luncheon I went to last week. I have always LOVED this wallpaper but wanted to snap a photo because I only remember it every December when I go to the Christmas Nativity Luncheon benefitting the Moore County Coalition for Human Care. This year, the speaker was author of Under the Overpass, Mike Yankoski.  He was awesome.   More awesome than the wallpaper but I still do love it.

photo (19)

Probably because the colors/pattern reminds me of the Scalamandre zebra wallpaper.  I think I saw this zebra wallpaper for the first time in The Royal Tenenbaums.  I’m thinking our hall bathroom would look really fun with either one.  I wonder which one is less expensive?

Here’s a bathroom by Miles Redd.  I think I read somewhere that Kate Spade has the green version in her bathroom.

(Miles Redd via Elle Decor via shelterpop)

Last night, mom and I went to the opening of a gallery for artists Jessie Mackay, Meredith Martens and Marilyn Arthur.  The art was fantastic and a portion of the proceeds go to the Empty Stocking Fund.  The gallery will be open all weekend long (if there is any art left – go soon if you want to buy!  There are lots of smaller, inexpensive paintings that are so beautiful if you are looking to start your collection!) in the Village of Pinehurst in the Razooks building.

Here’s a phone shot of me and artist Jessie Mackay.  My favorite painting is behind her…love the colors (turquoise and orange) and the wildflowers.  Makes me think of this past spring!

photo (18)

Happy wall coverings and happy weekend!

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Art and Lately

So here’s what we’re up to lately…

After Thanksgiving, Rand had some quality time with his cousin buddy Parker. They are only 9 days apart and it will be fun to see them grow up together and be friends.

Also, last week I did this. I’m still not sure what it will end up as but, for now, it is a pretty Christmas window display for Quality Upholstery in Aberdeen, NC.  Don’t you love that Trina Turk “Santorini” pillow in the middle?

I think it is funny you can see me, my car and my favorite Mexican restaurant all in this window reflection. Crazy pic.

Last night, I chose the winner of the giveaway!  Congrats Holly – I hope it is a blessing to you and your two little girls!

AND, I’m really looking forward to Thursday night – mom and I are having a girl’s night out and are going to stop by the Gallery Opening in Pinehurst in the Razooks Building for Jessie Mackay, Meredith Martens and Marilyn Arthur. Should be a fun evening – I can’t wait to see their new pieces.  If you’re around, you should come!

All are fabulous local artists and their work, while it would not be considered inexpensive, is affordable if you are looking to add to, or start, your art or jewelry collection. I have always loved Jessie Mackay’s art and I love Jessie too!  She is a dear friend who not only is a talented artist but a dedicated philanthropist and writer. Her blog, Karimu, documents her mission and travels in Tanzania, so go check it out while you’re at it.

When I graduated from college, my parents gave me this Jessie Mackay of a Tuscan countryside.

(note to self: lower the art…looks like it is hanging a little high from this point of view)

I also have one of Jessie’s rooster paintings hanging in my kitchen and a black cat (for Haywood – our 20 lb panther-cat) that was a gift, hanging in our master bedroom. I will keep you posted if I find anything new Thursday…

In fact, it seems like I was destined to go to this event because, coincidentally, we decorated Rand’s room around a Meredith Martens horse.  It is an electric blue chalk drawing and it hangs over Rand’s changing table.  It is a gift for Rand from his Grandmommie Smith – something he will be able to use in a “big boy room” and then in his own home later!

Apologies for the not-so-great pictures of the art. Rand is napping and so I’ve dug through photos to use what I already had. “Don’t wake the baby” is the new game I play. Yesterday morning, I saw Wes launch into an all-out sprint to stop someone from banging on the front door. With that, I’m off to price-check sound machines.

Hope to see you Thursday night at the opening reception (or if you can’t go then – the gallery is open daily all this weekend).  A portion of the sales will benefit the Moore County Empty Stocking Fund.

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Today, I saw this fantastic Christmas swag (is that what you call it??) outside of the Aldena Frye Floral Design showroom in downtown Aberdeen.   Isn’t it fantastic?  I love how natural it is with the pine garland and pinecones, holly and grapevine all tucked in.  Magnolia too.  I think I need this at my front door.

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Red Happiness

I usually am a “blue” person but lately I’ve been attracted to red.  I even dug my red Herve bag out of the back closet the other day to use again.

Yesterday, I was watching a DVRed episode of Home by Novogratz on HGTV (9 by Design was way better…it showed a lot more of the Novogratz’s sweet kids!)  Anyhow, Courtney was out looking for some candleholders and went to Glassybaby.  The first time I heard of Glassybaby was about a year ago when we were in supper club with a dear friend Lynn Walker who had a collection of Glassybaby which we got to admire.  Each special occasion, her daughter would send her a new one.  What a cool idea!  They can be used as a glass cup, candleholder or vase.  The red one is called “happiness.”

I am also liking the “seattle sunset”

At $40 each, they are not cheap, but would make a nice gift or start of a collection.  I am also liking these red drinking glasses at One Kings Lane.  A pretty good deal at $29 for a set of 6!

Update: here are a few more from Global Amici at Zulily…until 9/30/11.

Now I just need to take off my pink “Strawberry Margarita” nail polish.  It’s a red week.


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Do you Baggu?

I’m supposed to be packing.  It would be much more fun if I had a few of these…

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Fabric crush

I only made it a few pages in with my new Elle Decor issue and ended up spotting some fabric ads that I am loving…

This one by Christopher Farr…who also has an interesting article about him in Elle Decor.  He collaborated with the Courtauld Gallery to bring back a collection of work from the Omega Workshops (a design group made up of Bloomsbury Group members such as Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant).  Here’s some more info I found on the project.  And here you can see the five rugs in the collection.  This fabric below is not part of the rug collection, I just liked it!

Love this stripe on the sofa and cushion

Now back to my magazine…

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The upside of being awake at 5am

While many have no problem getting up at 5am, I am not one of those people.  I have never HAD to have a cup of coffee in the morning until the day after we came home from the hospital with Rand.  I have always been a night owl and, after nearly 5 months of getting up while it is dark outside, I’m still not onboard.

I saw an ad on tv for a new series (you also watch a lot more tv than normal when you have a baby) about a family with a baby and it showed the husband and wife laying in bed early in the morning hearing the kid screaming and one of them says, “I’ll give you a million dollars if you go this time…” Yep, if I had a million bucks, that is exactly what I would do with it too.  Or, maybe I should be buying Missoni…

I’ll spare you the details but, yesterday, I was up in the wee hours of the morning spending some quality time with the breastpump when Missoni for Target officially launched.  I had already seen the magazine ads and lookbook and so I just went online and bought this tray:

And this iconic blue cardigan:

Thanks to having to be up anyway at an hour that is bad for my beauty sleep, I had no idea what was going on in “Targetland” all over the country. I knew it was a big deal, but had no idea HOW BIG.  Sold out.  In stores and online.  Mad dashes.  Target online apparently crashed throughout the day. Over 20,000 items up on ebay already. Craziness.  Later, I got an email from that my order would be delayed a few days.  Hmmm…

Here’s a personal account of opening hours at a Raleigh Target from my stylish blogger-friend Elizabeth Lee.  This Chicago Tribune article was reprimanding Target for not having enough stock (mega stores are supposed to have unlimited quantities) but I say bravo Target, Missoni and their advertising and marketing gurus.  Mission, or should we say Missoni, accomplished.

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