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Wednesday Idiom

Is it really only 9am?  It feels like it should be lunchtime already.  I can vaguely remember the preggo days when I would just be waking up at 9am…

9:00am is naptime for Rand and “do whatever I can as fast as possible time” for me (if the little rascal goes to sleep).  I have learned that the 9am morning nap is pretty universal for babies and now I feel terrible for all the times I’ve been oblivious to this with my friends who have young children.  My new rule: Don’t make plans prior to noon.

In other news, Rand has found his feet.  Who needs a pacifier when you are flexible enough to fit your big toe (or both big toes) in your mouth?  Wes says we are keeping this picture to show him the first time he ever “put his foot in his mouth.”

Also, today I’m blogging on…check it out.

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Flame Prince Peaches

Yesterday, Rand and I ventured over to the Monday Farmers’ Market (Ruben the crazy bird tagged along too).
Rand and Ruben the Crazy Bird

It was a busy day, but I had a hankering for some peaches…Flame Prince peaches to be exact (NOT Red October Sam Franklin & Wesley Smith). The Flame Prince is a really yummy yellow freestone peach that is usually ready in late July/August. I learned that “freestone” varieties are ready later in the summer and “clingstone” varieties are earlier. The names mean just what they sound like – freestone peach meat doesn’t stick to the pit, clingstone sticks to the pit. Now I just need to find the perfect peach cobbler recipe. Any suggestions?

Farmers' Market August

I also picked up some delicious multigrain bread at the market. Wes and I use it for our toast in the morning. Although I just noticed half of it is already gone so we must have snacked on it some too…

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Finding Truth in a Google Font

With my blog theme (Canvas – a Woo Theme for WordPress), you can customize just about anything on your site.  Really, it is way too many options for someone like myself who has a hard enough time figuring out what to order on even the most limited menu.  Given thousands of choices, there’s a real dilemma.  In a way, they could all be great, right?

So I choose my blog title font like I do my nail polish color…by its name:  COVERED BY YOUR GRACE.  Wow, a great reminder that each day of our journey (and everything I type below the header) is covered by the grace of a God who gave up His only Son so that we could have a relationship with Him.  My font is true.

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Hey friends, family and anyone else out there who is interested to know: I’ve officially hoisted myself onto the blogger bandwagon (although it feels like one foot is still dragging the ground behind me – setting up a blog myself is taking some time – especially when I only have 10 min. here and there to do it). Rand has inspired me to keep you up to date on what we’re up to…and, of course, it helps to have a shiny new computer to play with.  Here we go.

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