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Friday Photo Flashback

I couldn’t sleep much last night. Partly because Wes has a cough, but mostly because I was bursting with thankfulness. And this morning I remembered I forgot to post a photo on Friday. So the thankfulness carries over to this week’s “flashback” – from the Fall of 2002 (I know one of the photos says 2003, but it was 2002!) when I was studying abroad in Italy. I felt so blessed that my 76-year-old grandparents scheduled a trip to coincide with my study abroad so they could come and visit me!

Here we are traveling in Switzerland on top of the Jungfrau (westernmost and highest peak of the Bernese Swiss Alps)…I’ve never been anywhere else where I’ve felt so high up.
Jungfrau top

And this is one of my all-time favorite photos of Bebo & Geah (aka Fritz & Betty)
Jungfrau, Betty &Fritz

One of the last days they were there we did a blitz tour of Rome. Here’s a photo of Bebo and me at the Trevi fountain right after I tossed in a coin and a wish.
Rome Trevi Fount


Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth.
Worship the LORD with gladness;
come before him with joyful songs.
Know that the LORD is God.
It is he who made us, and we are his;
we are his people, the sheep of his pasture.

Enter his gates with thanksgiving
and his courts with praise;
give thanks to him and praise his name.
For the LORD is good and his love endures forever;
his faithfulness continues through all generations.

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Back to School

I feel like I’m back in school.  A much more fun school though.  If you’re wondering, I’m currently enrolled in the school of YouTube and Pinterest.  You can learn how to do just about anything. Recently I’ve learned:

How to do an easy half-up hairstyle (check out all this girl’s videos…tons of ideas)


How to unclog a drain

How to make a teepee (we haven’t made it yet…but one day I will do this for Rand…and me…)

How to make a healthier version of a California sandwich

How to make a toga out of a bed sheet (4 ways!)

How to make something yummy with Quinoa (note: food lion in Pinehurst does not carry Quinoa.)

How to wrap wine (or beer) bottles for a hostess gift or to take on a picnic

Other things I’ve learned from the “School of PinTube” (can you think of a better name?) include:

boiling eggs perfectly

baking chicken without it getting dry

how to get stains out

how to play (just about any song!) the piano

how to install an infant car seat (Wes did this one, not me…I still have yet to learn it)

how to change the ring in the frontload washer (Wes again)

how to help a choking infant/heimlich maneuver

and so on…what have you learned that’s been helpful?

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A Definition of Love

While there are lots of definitions of LOVE out there (especially this month), I really liked this one from Dr. Tim Kimmel:

“Love is the commitment of my will

to your needs and best interests,

regardless of the cost.”

Ever seen that one on a Hallmark card?  I am currently in the middle of Dr. Kimmel’s study “Grace Based Parenting” and he suggests that parents use this definition of love to “help us choose the right thing to do when dealing with your children.  It helps you make hard choices and it encourages you when the cost of loving is high.”  I couldn’t agree more but I think I could apply it to a lot more than just dealing with Rand!

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You’re ours to love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Although the Lord had planted the desire in us to have children long ago, Wes and I never knew how much we could love until Rand was born. I know it sounds cliche to say this, but it really does feel like we celebrate love every day and, quoting a new Dave Barnes song that we dedicate to Rand this Valentine’s Day…

You’re mine to love
We have all been waitin’ on you
You’re mine to love
Come into these open arms
It took some time to wait it out
But I see it now, you’re worth all the dreaming of
You’re mine to love

So go download it on iTunes right now!!!

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Happy Monday

Happy Monday!

Here’s the “watching golf with daddy on Sunday afternoon” photo…


Also, a heads up. Thomas Paul pom-pom scarves are on sale today (big time!) at They are so cute. I first saw the cute pom-pom scarves on Emily over at Emphasis Added (fun blog to read!).  I love the grey pom pom one and the cute flag one…

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Old friends

Ok folks…so my single friends are going to start running away from me because I’m getting involved in all kinds of matchmaking shenanigans.  And it’s SO MUCH FUN!

The “Show Us Your Singles” edition of Kelly’s Korner blog closes tonight, but not without one last entry: Ryan King.  I’ve known Ryan for TWENTY YEARS.  Yep, we were 10 when I became friends with Ryan and his twin brother Jonathan back in the 5th grade, and I always had a feeling I’d know them forever.  I often think about the people I’ve just lost touch with vs. the people I remain close to.  The childhood friends, who have also become dear to my husband now too, remain close because of our connection as brother’s and sisters in Christ.  It is friends, like Ryan, that we have something deeper in common with than just hobbies or our current locations.

So without further bla bla bla from me… Here’s Ryan (with me & Wes at a Mountain Festival a few years ago)
pics 087

Ryan currently lives in Lexington, Virginia but has family in the Boone/Linville, NC Mountains area and, of course, a soft spot for Southern Pines/Pinehurst where he grew up (and secretly we’d love for him to move back to NC!!).   He is a huge fan of the NCSU Wolfpack, his alma mater, and while he is open to living wherever the Lord leads him, he hopes that it will always be within a few miles of a Bojangles (or at least somewhere with a good chicken biscuit).

He turns 30 soon, and he’s tall…
pics 098

While he usually looks like he stepped out of either a J. Crew or outdoor catalog…

You can also find him serving the Lord looking like this because he’s currently the Facilities Manager at Rockbridge, a YoungLife camp in Virginia, NC.  So he’s usually installing irrigation, removing trees, planting trees, operating large machinery…you get the idea.  Rugged stuff.  He gets it done.

Here are a few pics of him with his (fraternal!) twin Jonathan.  Ryan is the redhead!

He’s a family guy and, with parents like his, I don’t blame him (they are the most hospitable people, they welcome our friends AND our babies to come and stay for the weekend at their home in the mountains…).  Here he is on top of Roan Mountain with his mom, dad and brother.

And most recently with his precious nephew Jackson (Ryan has 2 nephews and 2 nieces).

So…if you are interested or know a sweet girl who likes adventures, kids and has a heart for the Lord then contact me or leave a comment and I’ll put you in touch.


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Here I go again

It all started with Pinterest…and now I want to bake this cake from Eddie Ross (minus the basketweave icing.  I think I’d go for just plain white icing look or maybe some candies or polka dots)

And I want to fix up my desk/workspace (which means I must clean it up first…) after seeing these fun desky things:

And I also would like to plan or attend a party that looks like this…AMAZING.   Probably one of my favorite color schemes I’ve ever seen.  I love how it is rustic AND glam.  And I’m always a taker on smores/roasting marshmallows.    Here’s the gallery from Style Me Pretty with ALL the pictures.

Credits:  Photography: averyhouse / Concept + Design: Bliss Weddings & Events / Venue: The Pullman Barn at Chicago Botanic Gardens / Floral Design: Cornelia of Cornelia McNamara / Paper Goods: Cheree Berry Paper


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Aunt MD

When Rand was born, the Lord made it clear to us that our step-sister, Mary Devon, was to be Rand’s Godmother and thankfully, she said YES!  Leading up to Rand’s baptism, Wes and I both agreed to pray for the Lord to show us who to ask to be his Godmother – we prayed for someone who would encourage Rand in his faith and shower him with love and quality time as he grows (instead of just the usual presents, etc.).

Fast forward 9 months…

Aunt Mary Devon (or “Aunt MD” as we call her in a song we sing to Rand) has been such a blessing to us, but especially to Rand.  Of course, it helps that she is also a brilliant pediatrician and we hope that her residency will be nearby so we can see her often!

She has already shared her love of running and the outdoors with Rand.  She comes by (usually at a time when I’m most needing a break myself!) and takes Rand for walks around the village of Pinehurst.  Here they are when Rand was about 2.5 months old getting ready for a post-walk bath.


Hanging out after dinner one night

Story time

and Rand’s 1st Christmas

So, I’m not writing this without agenda.  Mary Devon is SINGLE and (whether she likes it or not), I’m submitting her to Kelly’s Korner…a Christian blog with a fantastic plan to help connect our favorite single friends.  So, if you’re reading this, and you know a great guy (he HAS to like kids or, at least, Rand) then contact me or connect with Mary Devon on Facebook.

Other facts you might need to know:  Mary Devon is 31, has no children/has never been married but has a fun extended family as well as a super-cool Godson.  She’s athletic, organized and one of the most caring people I know…which makes sense that she’ll begin her Pediatric residency soon (location TBD!) but her current homebase is here in the Pinehurst, NC area.

For all you singles out there who are reading this too…don’t be discouraged.  Wes and I both know what it is like to have to wait patiently on the Lord.  The good thing is that we can firmly rely on the promise the Lord makes to us:

“Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” – Psalm 37:4


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Friday Photo Flashback and Summer Hair in February

This photo was taken when Rand was 10 days old…Uncle Sam was brave enough to be with Rand the first time we left him alone. I wish we could say we did something adventurous but Wes and I went to the grocery store and were gone less than an hour. I was trying to remember Rand as a baby because he is such a little boy now and no longer a baby at all. Also I was thinking of Sam because we are celebrating his birthday (a little early) tomorrow.

Also…as promised, here are the hair pics. You have no idea how terrible I am with a camera and “modeling” – I make the dumbest expressions. I took way too many photos (and tried out all the mirrors in the house) but most of them ended up showing off how dirty my bathrooms were instead of my hair. I also learned how to use the “self-timer” on my camera. Now I just need to learn how to get it to focus on the “self-timer” setting. Here you go. Gingham shirt is NOT from J. Crew. Target boys department for $12.99.

And you don’t want to know HOW LONG it took me to figure out that you have to look at the camera in the reflection, not yourself…

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We’ve been out.  This week has been so lovely, I don’t even mind that the groundhog saw his shadow (I’d actually like to wear the coat I got for Christmas at least once this season without having to travel farther from the equator).

So with all the sunshine, we’ve been in our backyard, riding on “the red car” and in the stroller, spray painting some fun things (more on this later), checking out the pansies and the Carolina Jasmine that has started to bloom…

And we’ve also been out in our friend’s backyard.

3 cute friends (actually, there were 5 total…2 6-month-old twin boys went in for a nap!)

Rand was enamored with his friend Janie

And food…he love’s these baby Mum Mum’s (least expensive at Wal Mart)

And cheerios (and grass too…)

Thanks for having us over Janie & Ginger!

Gotta run because I’m super excited that my 2nd StitchFix arrived in the mail today!  Can’t wait to see what’s inside…

Update: okay…so I know I promised a hair pic, but I gotta take a shower first and was waiting 24 hours to wash (not sure if that is a true rule for coloring hair, or if I just made it up…)

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Making some changes around here

Can’t post the “after” photos yet because I’m still in foil. But hoping it turns out well and if not, well, it’s only hair! Stay tuned…

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