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We have been in a whirlwind of fun and celebration.  Although Rand’s real birthday was last Friday, we partied today with lots of family and a few close friends. Photos to come later (I think I have promised a lot of photos lately…Texas, Easter, Rand’s Birthday…)

In the meantime, here’s a video we made for Rand. It took me a LONG TIME to make it. While iMovie is a breeze, I just wanted to watch all the clips over and over and had a hard time cutting any of them out. I don’t even think I used a quarter of the video footage we have of Rand.  ENJOY!

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Happy Birthday to Rand

I’m sitting here with the baby monitor beside me (we got to bed a little late tonight, but hey, we had some celebrating to do!) It is almost 8:03 pm, the official time that Rand was born and our lives were changed. We love this little guy so much and are so proud of the sweet boy that he is.

I’ll post more pictures later, but here’s the best one today: Rand out on Grandmommy’s back deck eating cake and ice cream. Although you can’t see her in the picture, this smile was for Grandmommy (I think he was thanking her for cutting him such a big piece of cake with all the colorful icing).


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Easter People

When my father died suddenly in 2005, my mother wrote:

This I do know: Hank always said that we ARE an “Easter people” and I cling to that truth as well as the hope of being with him again.  Psalm 115:16 says, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death (homecoming) of His saints.”  Though our hearts are breaking, we remember that we are truly an “Easter people” as we cling to the promise of our Lord Jesus Christ through his resurrection.

While my Easter memories include dying easter eggs with my little brothers, egg hunts at my grandparents, peeps (bunnies, chicks…either way they are especially good if they are left out of the package for a day or so…), watching the black drape fall and ringing the bells at the Easter Vigil at All Saints in Winter Park, FL and now at Emmanuel in Southern Pines, my most memorable Easter was the celebration of my father’s life on March 5, 2005.  And another on September 13 last  year at my sweet grandmother’s funeral.

I have a lot of photos from Easter I was going to share, but I think it is only fitting to share with you that, this Easter season, we also celebrated the life of Wes’ grandmother Margaret Smith.  Yesterday, Wes and I began the day with these deviled eggs for breakfast (a running joke Wes had with his family and grandmother) and then headed up to Raleigh to Forest Hills Baptist Church to celebrate her life.  We ended the day at Raleigh Memorial Cemetery, where Wes’ father and maternal grandfather are also buried.

Yesterday, and always, we are Easter People.


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A glimpse into the future

They will probably be best friends.  And MJ will get his license 7 months before Rand…


You can come up with some really great captions for these photos…








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Bubs and Bubba

A few weeks ago at cousin Joely Beth’s 1st Birthday, Rand gave a salute to Bubba Watson.  And while we can only hope that our own Bubs is destined for record breaking drives (could it be a coincidence that Bubba was nicknamed for another great athlete…last name also Smith…?), we also wish Bubba Watson all the best.  We thoroughly enjoyed watching him win the Masters, as well as his recent interview on Feherty.  Good stuff.

Image via ESPN

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new toys, new friends, new shorts and a flower

Rand’s new toys = anything in the house that is NOT a toy. Everyone told me this was coming and now it is here. Rand is fully mobile (army crawling) and his favorite things are doors and drawers. The tupperware drawer is his usual hangout.


Last week we took a break from the pantry and the tupperware drawer and hung out at the park with Dillon and his sweet mom, Kenzie. Dillon and Rand made a deal to hang out a lot this summer. And they shook on it.

Also, Rand just got some really cute shorts from Walmart.  While I have never been too impressed with Walmart in the past, for $5, these shorts rival some Crewcuts y’all.  They are really soft too.  They also come in blue, but I thought the red would be fun for summer/4th of July.

I couldn’t find them online, but I also got a few pairs of plaid shorts for $3.88.  If you go to Walmart, they are on the tables in the baby boy section.  They had lots of different colors to choose from.  I have a feeling Rand will live in those shorts (and swimsuits) this summer.

The BIG NEWS from our house (yard) lately is that my peony finally bloomed AND it smells amazing.  I got it for free 3 years ago when I ordered some plants online and this is the first time it has ever bloomed.  In fact, I had no idea what color it would be and am thrilled that it is a stylish neon salmon color – very current.  Hopefully we’ll get a few more blooms…
I’m backtracking slowly with the photos…eventually I’ll get to our Texas trip!

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First Horse

On Wednesday we went for a long walk and we bumped into Frank and Shiloh (the horse) parked in front of the Pinecrest Inn. While Nina was a little skittish around the Shiloh, Rand was thrilled — Frank gave Rand 2 giant carrots to feed Shiloh! While Rand has SEEN plenty of horses, this is his first time getting to pet and feed one up close and personal! He even got a few kisses and nudges. Where else do you just bump into a friendly horse and buggy on your afternoon walk? Makes me appreciate where we live even more.



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