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A beautiful day

It was a beautiful day today so we went outside for the afternoon as soon as Rand got up from his nap (as a 21-month-old he’s doing really well with his naps. consistently sleeping from 1pm until sometime between 3 & 4)!  I was looking through some photos I took this afternoon and realized they were a great representation of this stage in the game.

Rand is such a little boy now!  I don’t know what happened.  We watch his baby video all the time (at his request) and I still think of him as that little baby.  Then I see these pictures and he’s all toddler.


He’s SO BUSY. All. The. Time. And it is great. Daddy is really nice and let’s him play in his car…one of his favorite things to do.

Rand also tries to do some things that he just can’t do yet but wants to…like riding this scooter. Almost…it won’t be long bubs!

We don’t go anywhere these days without these two – “Meow” and “tut-tull” – Seriously. They ride in the car, they sit next to the crib, they come to breakfast and they LOVE to go outside. Rand found them in the garage a few weeks ago and remembered them from last summer. They are having a much more exciting off-season than most pool floats I know of.

Lately, anything can become a horse. And this boy loves some horses.

This is the “cheeeeese” face. We need to work on it some.

There has been a language explosion in the past week or so. I have a feeling we are in for it. The kid knows what he wants.

He’s also a great listener still.

Thanks to a weekend project with Uncle Sam and Kristen (aka “Diddy and CeCe”), our trees all have bird feeders hanging from them.

“Bird seed” and “Tweet Tweet” have been added to the growing word list.

Here’s a proud face for making it up a step without having to hold on or crawl.

Oh and of course the drool continues. Does it ever stop? That is one thing I will be happy to grow out of!

Thanks for hanging out with us today!

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Working on…

Meal Planning.  This might sound crazy to people who know me (and how I like PLAN THINGS AHEAD) but I really struggle with meal planning.  I think it is because I also give into impulsiveness…ooooh just saw Ina make a perfect roast chicken (folks, if you wanna cook a chicken, just follow this recipe) OR a bunch of yummy things just popped up on Pinterest…and then whatever I bought earlier that week at Harris Teeter just has to sit in the fridge and deal with it (but then I have to deal with it later, of course).  So I need to make a plan and, for the most part, stick to it.  Especially since it is my JOB to fix our family 3 healthy meals a day.  Plus snacks.  Speaking of which, if you don’t already keep up with 100 Days of Real Food, go check it out too.  I started reading it about a year ago and it has been extremely helpful with cutting down on the amount of processed foods we consume.

Today, I was inspired to get started on this by Pawley’s Island Posh (cute blog!) who referred me to this blog and motherload of genius ideas for meal planning…i.e. making repeating schedules on my google calendar…why didn’t I think of that especially since I’m notorious for leaving my list at home and having to play the memory game.

Anyway, it is too helpful not to share so go check it all out:

(image from

I’ll post any good recipes I find as well as keep you up on any other tips I come across as I tackle this.  Got any meal planning tips to share?

And so I’ll leave you with this photo from Sunday afternoon.  We had to get outside, even though it was FREEZING and took a walk in our local arboretum.  Rand found some pinecones that are now hanging with peanut butter and birdseed in the yard.  I guess the birds got the first meal plan:)  Whoops.


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December Photos

Before Christmas, we had our friend, and super-talented photographer, Cassie Butler, take some photos for us. Our goal was to get a few good ones of Rand that we could frame to hang in the hall and our room as well as a good family shot for the Christmas card. It was soooo hard to choose which ones we liked best but these were some of our favorites.  I just can’t believe that Rand is almost 2 and that Wes and I have been married for almost 10 years!!!















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Happy New Year…and Happy Anniversary

Happy New Year to everyone!  We are “staying in” this year and trying to get well.  Up until Christmas Eve I thought I was immune to the stomach bug, but as it turns out, stomach-bug immunity is not a superpower that I posses after all.  Which means that my sweet mother-in-law’s oyster stew is off the hook as the culprit since Wes and Rand clearly had what I did a few days later…

Rand has been watching Santa Paws on rerun and I fear we have not done our job in teaching him the true meaning of Christmas.  How do I know this?  Today he picked up a Noah’s Ark book and pointed to a white-bearded Noah and said “Ho Ho Ho!”  Time for a little less Christmas and a little more Jesus around here.

I leave you all with my favorite thing about New Year’s…it’s my brother’s anniversary.  Happy Anniversary James & Samantha!

Samantha & James : the celebration from Inkspot Crow Films on Vimeo.

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