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20 Days.  We leave for China in 20 days.  I never thought I would be traveling to China.  I definitely didn’t think I’d be traveling to China TWICE in one year (not even…more like 9 months).  And not in a wildest dream would I have thought the second trip to China would be to bring home son #3 who, age-wise, is really #1…all while carrying son #4 “in my belly”…as Rand and Philip like to say.

The second time I ever saw Wes (August of 2000) he said he once heard someone say, “you know you’re in the Lord’s hands when you find yourself somewhere you never thought you’d be.”  SO…I guess I should have seen something like this coming;)

I was going to write something else really thoughtful, but in the middle of it I got interrupted by a few toddlers who think it’s funny to get out of bed (one of which we thought was ready to drop a nap and CLEARLY is NOT READY considering by the late afternoon I have no idea what has happened to my sweet child and end up paying for it at bedtime with meltdowns and irrational behavior).

So…I think I’ll just leave you with this top 10…it could grow.  So check back.  If you want.

You know you might be a China adoptive parent when…

10.  You are considering buying stock in FedEx

9.  Your local notary currently knows more details about your life and adoption status than most of your cousins and some of your immediate fam

8.  Your wish list always consists of at least one of the following things: PA, DTC, LID, LOA, GUZ, TA and CA

7.  TGIM.  Mondays can’t get here fast enough (Mondays mean your agency is open and it’s already Tuesday in China.  Chance for news = high!)

6.  You dread Friday.  And Saturday.

5.  You’ve made friends on Facebook with a lot of people you’ve never met.  They really “get you”! They’ve done it before or are maybe a few weeks ahead of you and they help you figure So. Many. Things. Out.

4.  You get strange looks from other shoppers as you measure the length, width and height of shoes, socks, pants, shorts, pajamas, sweaters, tshirts, dress shirts, jackets etc. Then, at checkout (and on other occasions) you stumble over the question, “How many children do you have?”

3.  Your debit card keeps getting declined

2.  Your dining room table looks like you’re packing and planning for a world expedition

1.  You get pregnant (surprise!)

And since every blog post needs some photos…

Today we drove to Charlotte with the boys to visit IKEA in order to get a really cool, and low, bed for Wen’s room.  The one we ordered from West Elm didn’t work out…that’s another blog post (it’s still a little to fresh for me to write about). However, if anyone needs a few pieces from what is ALMOST an expensive West Elm bed, we have some.  And we’ve had them since August.  I have no clue why the other half can’t seem to get here.  And I know more people who work for their customer service than I currently had time for.



Tiger and Monkey for Halloween Parties at school.  Philip had eye surgery 24 hours before this photo was taken – he’s doing great!  A tough kid but also a really amazing patient.  We were a little too late for a costume but he says he wants to be a doctor when he grows up.  Not sure about Rand, but lately his thoughts and conversations are mostly our hummingbirds who have apparently flown to Mexico for the winter.  Smart birds.


This was our dining room table a few weeks ago.  Now you can’t even see any of the table, but it makes me smile to see a 12-year-old’s gear laying around!


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