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Meal Planning.  This might sound crazy to people who know me (and how I like PLAN THINGS AHEAD) but I really struggle with meal planning.  I think it is because I also give into impulsiveness…ooooh just saw Ina make a perfect roast chicken (folks, if you wanna cook a chicken, just follow this recipe) OR a bunch of yummy things just popped up on Pinterest…and then whatever I bought earlier that week at Harris Teeter just has to sit in the fridge and deal with it (but then I have to deal with it later, of course).  So I need to make a plan and, for the most part, stick to it.  Especially since it is my JOB to fix our family 3 healthy meals a day.  Plus snacks.  Speaking of which, if you don’t already keep up with 100 Days of Real Food, go check it out too.  I started reading it about a year ago and it has been extremely helpful with cutting down on the amount of processed foods we consume.

Today, I was inspired to get started on this by Pawley’s Island Posh (cute blog!) who referred me to this blog and motherload of genius ideas for meal planning…i.e. making repeating schedules on my google calendar…why didn’t I think of that especially since I’m notorious for leaving my list at home and having to play the memory game.

Anyway, it is too helpful not to share so go check it all out:

(image from

I’ll post any good recipes I find as well as keep you up on any other tips I come across as I tackle this.  Got any meal planning tips to share?

And so I’ll leave you with this photo from Sunday afternoon.  We had to get outside, even though it was FREEZING and took a walk in our local arboretum.  Rand found some pinecones that are now hanging with peanut butter and birdseed in the yard.  I guess the birds got the first meal plan:)  Whoops.


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  1. Beth January 29, 2013 at 10:27 pm #

    My best advice for meal planning – :-) Love her site, love her writing, love her. She is awesome. She’s got a great mix of recipes – healthy ones, crockpot meals, easy/quick meals, etc. A lot of our favorite dishes came from her site. Best part is she posts her monthly menu, so you can steal. :-)

    Love your blog, by the way! I pop over here every once and a while. Love seeing pics of your sweet little guy. :-)

    • AnnaSmith January 30, 2013 at 1:04 am #

      Oooh thanks Beth! I’m going to go check it out right now. Shelley is always telling me what a good cook you are so any tips you have send them our way!

      Hopefully one day all of our kiddos can meet!


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