We’ve been waiting to say that for so long (been dreaming to be this far along since sometime in 2013)…it is a major step in the process.   TODAY I’ll never forget thinking how pretty the Governor’s Mansion looked all decorated for Christmas and then looking down at my phone and getting the LOA email as I sat in my car on Blount Street.  I immediately yelled out the window to my brother Sam to come back to the car so I could go crazy with excitement (I’d just dropped him off at his office after hijacking him at work for a coffee break while I was in Raleigh today).  It’s cool that Sam got to be the first to know about the LOA…especially since Philip’s middle name is Samuel after his uncle!

If you’re in the adoption world, you understand it is a long-awaited thing to be able to have.  If you’re not familiar with China adoption, this blog make a really helpful chart that explains all the steps – it’s been helpful to me – it gets confusing.

What that means is that we’ll probably have Philip in our arms within 12 weeks at the latest.  Maybe even sooner if we FedEx overnight every single thing.  Adoptive parents would make great FedEx commercials.

Stay tuned for more adoption updates…




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