While we waited

Most adoptive parents, during their LOA wait, get their child’s room ready, figure out what they need for traveling and start to think about things like packing, what the child will need upon return, etc.

We decided to renovate the kitchen.

Here’s what it looked like 9-10 weeks ago…


Then about 5 weeks ago…


3 weeks ago…



















There were definitely parts of the process that wore on me, but I kept reminding myself I “decided to do this.” The most annoying parts for me were:

  • The thick dust on E V E R Y T H I N G.  Not just in the kitchen. I laugh when I think back to the first 2 weeks when we actually left up pictures and furniture thinking “oh, it won’t be in the way”  HA.
  • Not being able to cook on a stove for 10 weeks
  • Being in an unorganized mess for Thanksgiving and leading up to Christmas

BUT…I have to say the good parts far outweighed the bad.

  • I love projects – this one was just slightly bigger than my other ones to date and, because of that, more fun
  • Being able to problem solve and help come up with ideas and solutions
  • Picking out new everything (I’ve never had a new dishwasher or fridge before! It is amazing and I appreciate it so much!)
  • Wes, Rand and I have adored the skilled people who have been working on this project and especially our carpenters and contractor.  I am actually dreading that there may be no one here next week in the kitchen…(which also means no more Johnny Cash sing-a-longs or people for me to fix coffee or divide my lunch with)
  • There is something extremely satisfying with having a vision and being able to work with other people to see it happen!  For example…here’s a before and after of our pantry-turned-coffee area.  It’s not completely done yet, as we are waiting on some doors, but you get the idea.





I will try and post more before and after photos soon! We are almost there…

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  1. ashley johnson December 31, 2014 at 5:54 am #

    The microwave at kid height, awesome. Now find a kid dw
    arer the same way and they can learn to help themselves. Best feature so far for me.


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