We got our 1800 Approval!  Now we are in the wait for our Article 5.  I guess I’m probably the adoption equivalent of nearing 8 months pregnant – we think we could even travel as early as the very beginning of March if we get TA (i.e. “travel approval”) before Chinese New Year (in Feb. when everything shuts down in China for a week for their biggest annual national holiday).

I remember before Rand was born all the “unfinished projects” we hustled to get done…here we go again.  Not that any of these require being done for us to travel, but I sure will feel better if I can finish a few of them before we go.  They are:

-Cleaning out the garage – probably the most important but least fun!

-Finishing up the kitchen, not sure when it will end but it is SO CLOSE

-Making the guest bedroom into an actual guest bedroom/playroom (not much to do there except clean out all the stuff we stashed back there while the kitchen was being done!)

-We re-arranged the living room and took out some furniture and so I’m looking for two chairs and 2 rugs to define the 2 separate spaces we made

-Shutters and an exterior landscaping plan (we won’t be able to plant anything until spring, but I want to have the plan)

-Boys bathroom – Rand has always used our bathtub because his had a door on it that wasn’t conducive to taking kid baths/adults helping so we are taking it off and switching it to a curtain.  I took down the granny window treatments and it left holes in the wallpaper, also the mirror is cracked and dangerous so we may have it cut down and put a frame on it…here’s what I’m thinking currently:

This “look” (image sourced here)

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 3.19.44 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 3.19.33 PM

Here’s what I’m considering to get the look:

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 4.56.36 PM

1. Add wood to original mirror & stain it 2. use some vintage boat pics we already have, add gold or wooden frames 3. This wallpaper 4.  This shower curtain x2

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