Monday part II and Tuesday

So the first half of Monday was fine – eventful enough with the medical visit, etc. and then we thought the second half would be a nice evening cruise on the Pearl River with our group…but things have been pretty wild since then and so that’s why I’m just getting back around to writing!

(excuse the photos – my photography skills are lacking – especially at night!)

Guangzhou is incredible.  I’ve never seen so many skyscraper buildings.  They just go on and on for miles.


This is Guangzhou Tower – the 3rd tallest building in the world (first and second are in Dubai and Japan).  A lot of the towers and bridges changed colors.  It was different every time I looked up!

IMG_7276 IMG_7272

We had Papa John’s pizza with our group below on the first floor of the boat and Rand threw up.  We thought he had motion sickness so we cleaned him up and stayed up top for air.

DSC_0615 DSC_0628

On the bus ride home he got sick a lot.  Poor dude.  He handled it all really well and the bus driver was really kind considering the condition we left his nice new bus in… the rest of the night was fine and we got the kids to bed and mom and I decided it would be a while before we could eat pizza again.

Then, in the night last night we got some good news that kept us up most of the night – I’ll share more on that when I have more info…please no guessing in the comments for now as we aren’t allowed to post anything, but I will say it hopefully means we’ll be making another trip to China this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning Rand said he was fine and wanted to go to breakfast but he was moving much slower than usual and after breakfast, he started running a fever.  So we let the group go to the pearl market and Shamian Island without us and mom and Wes took Philip to the playground and Rand (who just wanted to be held all morning) and I snuggled and watched Frozen.  He was still feeling bad at lunchtime so we got him and Philip down for early and long naps and he was feeling much better this afternoon.

The stomach bug has been going around here so please pray no one else in our group gets the nasty bug especially with return plane flights fast approaching!

Mom and I took Philip with the group to the special dinner our guides set up for us at a local restaurant – I was just beginning to lose my appetite for Chinese food but the meal tonight was SO GOOD!  I think from now on I just need a Chinese person to order for me and I’ll be happier with the outcome.

Here we are walking to dinner.  It really is a beautiful city – the trees are incredible.


Philip was a riot at dinner.  He tried everything but preferred the curry potatoes and chicken, pork slices, noodles and the sprite!  We can’t order water at restaurants and they don’t have bottled water, so it was either coke, beer or sprite.  My favorites were the green beans and the fried buns (what could be better than a fried dinner roll?! take that GC!) It’s so weird to be drinking soda again after giving it up so long ago.  I’m looking forward to giving it up again and I am really looking forward to ice in my drinks when we get home!!!

Philip has a lot of expressions…some even remind me of us already.  On our flight here from Zhengzhou, the flight attendant heard him babbling to me and she said, “Oh, how amazing, your baby knows Chinese!” haha – I’m not sure she quite put 2 and 2 together but it was a nice compliment!

IMG_7290 IMG_7291 IMG_7289 IMG_7283

This is my favorite one – he’s so proud of himself for using a real glass and tasting the sprite!


This is how we spend most of our time it seems with two little ones – in our hotel room playing all together and being silly.  Philip is already switched from the Chinese “mama” and is calling me “mommy” like Rand does.  And he says Rand’s name in 2 syllables – “Ray-and.”  But we still hear “Baba” the most – his favorite – even Rand has been calling Wes “Baba” because we hear it so much!  That and “baba di wa wa” and “mama di wa wa” and “da di dua” (which sounds more like french when he says it!)  – no one can figure out what it is he’s saying but we think it is something like “here it is” or “this one/that one” type thing.  The other “di wa wa” the guides think he’s saying “mama – I’m your baby” and “daddy – I’m your baby” but we’re not sure because he says it for a lot of other things too and when he’s mad!  Funny thing is, now we are all saying it!


Tomorrow we will hopefully wake up with everyone in good health and then we have an early appointment for our interview at the US Consulate.  This is the most important day of our trip – what they actually set the entire trip schedule around.  After we get Philip’s visa we can come home!




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  1. Fran White March 25, 2015 at 1:09 pm #

    Good Luck today with your interview….steps closer to your joyful return to us all here waiting for you!!! Love the posts and pictures> Hope Rand is feeling better and ya”ll stay healthy. Love


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