Friday Photo Flashback

April 2008

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So…I thought it would be fun each Friday to randomly choose a photo and just write whatever I remember about it.  Shuffling through (Yay for 3-fingers on the Mac trackpad.  Love it.) I found this sunny pic.  The photo itself isn’t much, but it makes me wish I was back on this vacation with Wes at the Eden Rock in St. Barts (side note: Best vacation ever. If you have a chance to go to St. Barts, GO. It is beautiful.)

While sunning on the beach, I persuaded Wes to go with me on a swim…around the “Eden rock.” From our point of view (and the view of the photo) it didn’t look far at all.

Moral of the story – don’t trust me when it comes to judging distance. “Oh, it really is just down the road.”  Right, I have heard myself use that one before too. Here’s an aerial I found online:

Eden Rock
Yellow Arrow – Place where I had to tread water and wait on Wes, wishing I had some goggles or a mask/snorkel to check out the reef below.  It was also here I learned that not all great athletes are great swimmers.  He wanted to turn back, “Oh it is just a little bit farther,” I convinced us.

Pink Arrow – Romantic outdoor table where we sat that evening, eating an extravagant French meal as we watched the sharks circling below.

Here’s another view.  Just for fun.  Definitely not the most brilliant idea I’ve ever had.  It was a not-so-direct barefoot walk back to our beach chairs as neither of us wanted to swim it again.

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