Frozen Smiles in Zhengzhou

It’s official – Zhengzhou is frozen. Here’s what we’re dealing with…cars stuck everywhere in snow and tonight it is 15 degrees! It actually reminds me a little of what happens when it snows in NC…


This morning our bus couldn’t make it so we got on a new bus. It took us to the office where all of our adoptions were made official. Thankfully the event itself was quick because there was no heat in the building! The bus ride took a long time (maybe we could have walked faster?) – I remember looking out the window 45 min. after boarding and still being able to see our hotel…


Our guides are incredible and remain calm and collected.  They even had a little laugh with the bus driver when we got stuck (he probably had to shovel snow the entire time we were in the adoption meeting so we could leave again).


Here we are with another official Smith boy – WenXuan Murray Smith! Our oldest son!  He’s really a joy and we cannot believe the zero adjustment that he’s had (yet?! maybe it’s coming?) but he seems genuinely happy and excited and just really relaxed – although he does like to keep track of the time and schedule, but I don’t blame him for that, I think I’m the same way:)

He keeps telling me “I don’t know English” (in English) and then when I glanced over at him next to me on the bus ride today, he’d written the entire ABCs on the window as well as the word “zoo” and the word “apple” so I think he’s sandbagging a little.  Smarty.


Our hotel got a new “decor” the other day – wasn’t trying to capture it but did want to get a photo of my two happy guys…


Boy can Wen work this wheelchair.  He’s got all sorts of tricks.  I have a feeling we are gonna have 2 more little boys begging for wheelchairs when we get home…

Wen had a hamburger back at the hotel this afternoon for lunch and then we rested.  I wasn’t feeling awesome (but am fine now!) and it was deemed to dangerous for me to go…but Wes and Wen scaled the icy pedestrian bridge to go do some shopping.  Wen made a list of all his special friends, teachers and nanny’s at the orphanage and then he thought about what each of his friends would like to have and he and Wes went on a hunt for it.  Can’t wait for him to be able to give it to them, meet them and say some last goodbyes.


We were supposed to travel to Jiaozuo tomorrow, but the roads are all closed until the afternoon so we have to stay here and try again on Thursday.  Our guides are going to beg the notary and passport office to expedite the paperwork so it doesn’t delay our entire trip.  Please pray the roads clear up by Thursday so we can make this happen and still have time to get to the orphanage to have some time to visit!

Tonight for dinner we decided to stay IN and try the fancy Italian restaurant inside our hotel.  It was a nice change from Chinese food for us.  We had a good flatbread appetizer, pesto pasta and a really good pizza.  Wen ordered “watermelon juice” to drink – a switch from his usual orange juice – and after waiting a while we see the waitress walking by with half of a watermelon and took it over to the bar where they proceeded to juice it right there for him!  It’s funny in China when you order your child something cold to drink, the waitress or waiter (no fail, every time!) says…”you know it is cold, right?” as if you are crazy to not order a hot water or hot tea!  Wen hasn’t wanted any tea or hot drinks.


After dinner we went up to the lounge to sit and have some dessert – one of the things that is really nice is all the fresh fruit!  Mama and Bo are enjoying that:)


(the white fruit with the black seeds is a “dragonfruit” – it’s really good)


After dessert we got ready for bed, Wen had a bath and then we did his favorite thing – we played UNO!  Wes beat both of us twice and so we gave up and called Rand and Philip who crack us up on FaceTime.  Wen laughs at them the entire time they are so silly.

About 5 min after we hung up, Wes and Wen were both snoring.  Not sure if Wen always sleeps with a smile on his face but I can see him now and he has the sweetest happy expression.  It helps so much to see him happy – especially for me today as I was fiercely missing home and Rand and Philip.  6 nights away, while I know is not going to devastate anyone, is the longest we’ve been away from them and we still have 12 more nights to go.  While I am thankful for the days ahead to help Wen have some closure and see a few beautiful sights in his first country, I have big dreams about the fun he is going to have at home with his brothers.  And that will put a smile on my face as I go to sleep now too…

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  1. Windy Pratt November 24, 2015 at 2:33 pm #

    Thanks for the eat pictures and details. It looks like he is right at home with you. Praying for continued good health and a break on the weather. Hugs to all.

  2. Windy Pratt November 24, 2015 at 2:35 pm #

    That was, thanks for the Great pictures!

  3. Claire McWilliams November 24, 2015 at 2:45 pm #

    We are praying for y’all and love the updates. The joy on your faces is contagious;) Wen, sweet boy, we can’t wait to meet you and give you big hugs. Love y’all! Claire & Brant

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