Thankful, part 2

After seeing Wen’s living area, we went to tour the school and see his teachers and some of the other children.

Eagles Wings runs a really great school – in fact, the orphanage floors send some of their Special Needs children up to the 7th floor for school as well as a few families from the nearby neighborhood who have children who aren’t allowed to attend regular school.


Wen took us to the library – here is his library card.  The library was pretty incredible because of some grants that Eagles Wings has been able to get – Wen loves to read and spent a lot of time in the library!  One of the stops for us in Beijing this coming weekend is to a bookstore to get this kid some Chinese books to read at home!


Gao Xiao Dui has known Wen since he was a little boy – she is also the librarian now and she had some special moments with him and shed quite a few tears that he was leaving.  She also gave him a special paper crane.  We are thankful for Gao and others like her who cared for and loved Wen before we could.



When we went into the room where the kids were having some play time, I got mobbed by children!  By the time we left, my face was wet from kisses!!!

DSC_0765 (1)

The little boy above (with the leopard print coat) was Philip’s best friend.  I showed him photos of Philip and he wanted to give me lots of hugs and sit on my knee and see more photos of “Zhi Yong” (Philip’s chinese name).  Also, all of the teachers wanted to see photos of Philip and loved his glasses and seeing how good he looked.  One of the teachers got her phone out to show me that she had a photo of our family on it!!!  She had taken a photo of one of the photos we sent Wen – so sweet!


This little guy was another one of Philip’s classmates and friends – we met him when we were here last March as well and I was really looking forward to seeing him.  We’d been thinking about him quite a bit and praying for him to be adopted – turns out his family lives only a few hours away from us in NC!  We are so Thankful!


This was my sweet friend – she followed me everywhere and hugged and kissed me any chance she could.  I had banana all over me by the time we left.



We said our last goodbyes, Wen showed us the playground he spent some time on and then we headed to one last stop, a market next door to the orphanage where he had spent some time (apparently the math teacher would take them to learn about money/counting).

It was a little bigger than we expected, but he knew right where to go – to the toy “booth” where he’d had his eye on a special thing he wanted to get before we left town…as well as a gift for a friend of his back in the USA.



After we left the market we had a long car ride back – thankfully we had another sweet family with us for the ride so that was nice to help pass the time!

Instead of going back to the hotel, we had our driver take us to meet the group at an American-style BBQ restaurant where our group had “Thanksgiving dinner” all together.  The food and atmosphere was good but by the time we got back to the hotel it was after 10pm which was why the blog post got a little delayed:)

We are also thankful for our adventurous group to do something fun like that all together especially considering most of the families have children under age 3…but I guess you have to be adventurous to be here in the first place!!!


This was a photo Wen drew that was hanging on the wall.  He also did another one and he wanted to keep it but leave this one above at Eagles Wings.  It’s special that it says the word family – something Wes and I were most thankful for this past Thanksgiving Day.   We are so thankful for the blessing of all of our boys: Wen, Rand, Philip and Bo.  And thankful to have spent the Thanksgiving Day with Wen’s first “family” and also so very thankful that he was completely ready to move on to his permanent earthly family.

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