Medical Visit Day

On Monday morning we had breakfast with Rob before sending him off to catch his train back to work in Hunan.  We were sad to see him go, but thankful he got to spend some time with us on this special occasion.

I wish that my eyes were as open as his are at age 22!  He has devoted his life to his calling – Chinese children with special needs!  Not only does he advocate for orphans but he is currently applying to grad schools to go back and get a masters in Occupational Therapy so he can come back to China and help Chinese families who have children with special needs.

His tshirt was a gift from Wen’s friend Jay and his family – it says “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders” – a perfect shirt describing Rob’s obedience to the Holy Spirit leading him all the way from Ireland to China!

After a goodbye to Rob, we headed on the bus with our group to the medical clinic.  All the families had to go to 4 stations – we had 5 since Wen is over age 11.  They were:

1. Physical examination  2. ENT  3. Height/Weight/Temp  4. Blood drawn for TB Test
and then we had #5 which was 2 shots and an oral polio vaccine.  Wen was very brave and just did what needed to be done.  It helped that they were really quick with the shots too.  He didn’t cry or anything and mama was waiting with a little treat for him when he was all done – some (organic) gummy bears.

Here he is taking his vision test…


Check out the Chinese eye chart!  I guess characters are too complicated to read.


Wen was really interested to look over his medical paperwork even though this visit isn’t really helpful to us other than the vaccinations.  All the other families had really young kiddos so they only needed a blood draw in addition to the stations.  By the time we left the majority of the babies were crying from the blood draw.  Not fun for the parents!  I remember when we did it with Philip and he was so mad he threw his shoes.


At least there is a vending machine with wine in it downstairs in the lobby of the clinic if any of the parents have too rough of a time…so odd!


Wen’s reward for the medical visit was going swimming!  He’s been asking to go to the pool and it wasn’t too cold for a short dip so we spent some time up by the pool together.


He can’t wait to learn how to swim and has been asking me when he will get to take lessons to swim at home!


Later, the entire group went on the Pearl River Cruise.  Wen was excited about going on the boat and seeing Guangzhou from the river.


We all got tickled taking a family photo.  Wen sneezed in the middle of it and we all couldn’t stop laughing.


I’ve gotta hold him while I can – if he grows any more (and I KNOW he will) I’m not gonna be able to hold him much longer!!!


This is Guangzhou tower in the background – it is the tallest building in China and the 3rd tallest building in the world.  Property in China is crazy expensive.  Our guide said it is around 50,000 Chinese Yuen (close to $8K) for 9 square feet and if it’s on the water, it would be over 200,000 Yuen (close to $32K) for 9 square feet.  Then, after 70 years, the property reverts back to the government.  We’ve asked what happens then to the owners and no one knows because the rule is less than 70 years old!


It’s hard to believe it was just 8 months ago when we did this same cruise with Philip and Rand and Ema.  Rand got sick that evening (stomach flu) and when we were up with him in the middle of the night, I checked my email and that’s when we found out WenXuan’s paperwork made it to the agency and we would be able to adopt him!

We are so glad it is 8 months later.  We are having a great time (while counting down the days until we can come home…FIVE)!


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