Free time in Guangzhou

Today we had some down time while we wait for our visa appointments at the US Consulate tomorrow.  Wen has been asking for some sunglasses, so Wes and I took him to “One Link Plaza” which is known as the “gift and toy market” here in Guangzhou.  Guangzhou is famous for being a trade center for wholesale goods.  There is a fabric market, silk market, toy/gift, shoe, electronics etc. giant markets that all have their own areas in town.

This photo was taken at the airport on Saturday, but thought you’d like to see how we do escalators.  Wen thinks it’s pretty fun!  Except on one of our trips out the other day we lost one of his shoes somewhere and have no clue what happened to it.  Darn.  When we get home we are going to have to figure something out because so many times a day I hear him yell “MY SHOE!” which means we’ve lost it somewhere and we have to find it and get it back on!


One Link Plaza was pretty wild.  It had just about every cheap toy and item you could imagine from cell phone cases to baby bibs.  Each little “shop” had it’s own theme of item.  We bought one pair of sunglasses (about $4 USD) and a bag to hang on Wen’s wheelchair for some of his things ($10 USD).  Other than that, it was a little overwhelming!



Floor after floor – it just all started to look the same!


After we got back to the hotel we had lunch and then Wen and Wes went up to the room to wait for the “TB test phone call” (you have to wait to hear the results if you need to go back for a chest xray) – it was negative so they just hung out and played lego and watched some Chinese cartoons and rested.

I went to the pearl market with a guide to get some pearls and gifts to take home.  We tried to do this last trip, but it was too overwhelming so this year we got someone to help me!  I am really excited about the pearls I got for Wen and Philip to have someday to give to their wives.




I got to pick the individual strands of pearls and then they strung them right in front of me into bracelets and necklaces and earrings.

Also, I got a little tea set to have tea with the boys.  It’s all wrapped up now, but I’ll have to post a pic soon, when you drink the tea there is a little fish at the bottom of the teacup.  Rand and Philip are going to love it.  Wen already gave his approval.


Wen is pretty much crazy over Lego and so he points it out wherever we go.  His friend in our group who went to Jiaozuo with us, XueWei, was so sweet and got him a lego for his birthday from one of the stores here:


He loved putting it together and has been playing with it ever since.  It is so funny how they changed the name from Star Wars to Space Fights.  We’ve also seen Space Wars ones too!  We’ve also seen the Disney logo changed to say “Diversity World” instead of Disney World in the same font.

It was fun today to get some things to remember our our sons’ birth country – especially since last March we did ZERO shopping with two toddlers in tow.  And to see ALL THE STUFF – “Made in China” first hand.

Also interesting to see things like duck tongue for sale (bottom middle).  Or duck neck (top middle) or gizzards or feet.  Yum.  I didn’t try any – it was too expensive;)


After dinner Wen took a bath.  The only thing that could get him out of the tub was telling him it was time to call Rand and Philip.


Wen asks us every day when we are going to get to see his didi (little brothers) over the phone.  After we got off the phone call tonight, Wen wanted to watch every single video on my phone of the boys.  We can tell he can’t wait to be home with them too.

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