Leaving Guangzhou

Finally uploaded the group photo shoot photos…


We took them on the steps of the China Marriott hotel – same as when we were here in March.  By the time we got to the group shot and the kids shot, most of the little ones had had enough and were past their nap time.  It had been a long morning.  I would like to say that CCAI does an excellent job making the trip as kid-friendly as possible.  Most of the schedules are based around activities good for the children and revolve around nap and meal times.  All the guides are really great with the kids too and can handle just about anything!



On the last day (for us) in Guangzhou, there was a zoo trip that morning so Wes and Wen joined in and I stayed behind to rest and start organizing the packing up for Beijing.

It poured rain on the boys at the zoo – but they had a great time still and all the group had good attitudes and enjoyed seeing the animals.



After drying out (thank goodness for hair dryers!) and packing up we headed out. Our flight was late that evening – but not too late – we barely got Wen’s visa before leaving for the airport!!!

Beijing at night…


Wen was just about the most tired he’s ever been and a little cranky – but we don’t blame him.  Everything was delayed and there was a traffic jam on the way to the hotel from the airport (at MIDNIGHT!) – I think we all dozed a little in the van on the way!

One of the things I’ll miss about Guangzhou, other than the beautiful flowers and trees and just the general look and feel…is the fried buns!  They are so good.  If you eat at Food Street in the China Hotel, they are #908 (fried not steamed) on the menu…if you’re ever in Guangzhou…


(the Chinese Tea “hong cha”, Sweet and Sour Pork, and the dumplings with pork and vegetables were really good too if you need help navigating the long menu!)

Next post may have to be from home…we had a great time in Beijing and if we have time from the airport I will upload it.

We continue to be thankful for all the new things we are learning about WenXuan and for his fun-loving spirit and excitement to go home to America.

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