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Thanks everyone for the prayers – I got in to the OB on Monday (He saw me on his day off!!) and started a different antibiotic.  Other than a few odd symptoms I have really felt good so I think we are back on track.  Bo is a major kicker/puncher/mover…makes me wonder about what we’re in for.

Now the jet lag is a whole other story.  It got me last March and it’s getting me again.  It may even be making an early riser out of me.  The first 3 nights I haven’t made it past 2am but today I made it until 4am!!!  This also means I can’t keep my eyes open past 7pm.  I remember it took about a week-10 days to really get back to normal sleep for me so it’s not so bad when you know it will get better.  Sleep has always been my weakness.  Always a light and picky sleeper, never loved sleepovers and would usually come home to sleep.  Growing up, my dad and mom compared me to the story of the Princess and the Pea…yep.  Not a great quality to have if you plan to travel to the other side of the world twice in one year!

I think our jet lag has also affected Philip.  He requires the most sleep of us all and has been up waaaay to early for his needs.  This morning he crashed on the bench in the kitchen…


We had a later night last night since Rand and Philip had their pre-school Christmas pageant.  They both did a great job and it was really fun to see them with their friends and teachers.  We probably completely overwhelmed Wen, but he handled it well.  Especially having TONS of people coming up to introduce themselves to him and want to meet him.  I could tell it was a lot for only being home 4 days.  He did get excited though when Rand’s teacher handed him a candy cane!

Our little shepherd boy and our wise man.


Currently Wes, Rand and Wen are on their way to the Social Security office to try and get Wen’s card processed.  Last time we waited for Philip’s and it never came so we realized an “in-person” trip helps speed things up.  We need to go ahead and get it so we can add Wen to our insurance.  We have a big appointment next week at Duke and know there will be lots to come so it is a big priority.  Rand asked to go with them – he and Wen have really bonded.  Thanks to the Lord and Legos!

Other than that, we’re trying to find our new normal.  Things are definitely different and have required much more adjustment than when we came home last March.  The boys are doing well “navigating” playing together and sharing toys…we step in when we need to, but they play really well together.  There are certain things we are working through.  One of the hard things as a parent has been trying to figure out how much to keep the little ones out of Wen’s space/special toys, while also helping Wen to learn about how we share as a family.  Currently, he has full reign because Rand and Philip aren’t picky about him being in their room, etc., but when he brings a special thing into the living room, Rand and Philip are all over it and we are learning how he’s extremely sensitive.  And it probably doesn’t help to have two little brothers without “personal space” boundaries.  I think a lot of this will normalize when the little ones aren’t so all over him/excitement of a new brother wears off…maybe when Bo arrives then they will be all over him!  Oh dear!  Wen’s English is actually best when he’s explaining to his brothers what they can/can’t do and we’ve really been impressed with his leadership ability and his mentality/logic about everything.

The biggest challenge our first few days home has been food.  I didn’t have noodles the first day, or the right soup the following meal and there have been some tears.  We’ve since read some helpful resources and have bulk ordered some noodles/ramen/soup etc. to have.  I let him help me order it and Wes took him to the noodle aisle at Harris Teeter so I think he feels a little better too.  He has announced that he does not like any American food but Wes and I have been amused since he thinks a fried egg is only Chinese and that we are all eating “Chinese breakfast.”  We are also proud of him for trying things, even though most things he tries he says he doesn’t like.  He so far will eat: fried noodles, ramen, noodles in chicken broth, apples and strawberries, fried eggs, blueberry muffin (!!), cheerios, green beans, peas (if they are in noodles), sometimes rice, carrots, potatoes, Aunt Samantha’s cookies…so we’re getting there.  I’ve been concerned about his nutrition so this is going to be a big project for me!

We can’t imagine what Wen must be feeling and how strange it must be for him to all of a sudden be somewhere permanent with nothing familiar. We went to see house that is one of Wes’ business projects and is undergoing some renovations and it was so hard to try and convey to Wen (Google translate to the rescue) that we aren’t moving there it’s just a business project!  He seemed so worried at first and I just need to remember to over-explain everything and how overwhelming this all must be for him.

Our family goal to help with this stage of things is FUN.  We are just focusing on finding ways to have fun together – mostly at home with a few easy errands mixed in.  Getting a Christmas tree, dance parties in the kitchen (this is actually a normal thing…I think it runs in Wes’ family), EARLY morning sofa snuggles, and being silly a lot…more to come in the fun department!





Yesterday, Wes and I were getting showered and dressed and found all three of them in our bed laughing.


I don’t know what new challenges today or tomorrow will bring (I don’t even know what we are going to do yet…!) but I am thankful that when Wes and I say prayers and kiss Wen goodnight and tell him that we love him, he has a huge grin on his face.

I know we are still behind on a few posts from leaving China/coming home/Beijing – they are coming soon – promise!  We’ve got some great photos to share!

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