June 7

13 years later…
 Yesterday we celebrated our 13th anniversary (a day late) and went out for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants thanks to a generous check from Ema (she also gets us some of our real silver place settings each year and this year we got the soup spoons!). Bo got to come too because, when you are 2 months old, you get to do things like that! He was very well-behaved and we get a big kick out of all the attention he gets and comments from people who think he’s our first. They always are surprised when we tell them there are 3 more at home with the babysitter!
 On our actual anniversary we had dinner with the boys followed by some fun time on the porch. We both imagined that maybe we’d have 4 kiddos by 13 years of marriage but never imagined having a 12 year old or adding to our family the way it went down. God is good like that -filled with joy beyond what we can dream up for ourselves.

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