A few things going on around here…
 Wes and I walked into the hall to see this sight. Rand (not sure where his clothes are) helping Philip (aka superman) squeeze into a tiger costume with a ninja sword. Ha!

 Our afternoons we try and sit on the porch. The boys have been coloring those mindful/stress release, intricate coloring book pages/doodles while I read to them a few chapters. Bo and Nina hang out too. We are currently reading “Sign of the Beaver”

 Wen and Rand have been faithfully watering the garden every morning and patiently waiting on the watermelons to get big enough to pick.

We’ve been having fun with our unruly summer garden.

 We’ve also had fun watching butterflies and hummingbirds and picking flowers from our butterfly garden.

 We have so much basil. Thankfully it makes a pretty arrangement!

That’s all for today…
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  1. Fran White August 3, 2016 at 1:59 pm #

    Anna you are such an inspiration!!! Love Love all your posts!!!! What an awesome family and you both are such great parents…..feel the love. your dad would BE soooo proud!!

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