Today was Wednesday. The wonderful thing about Wednesday is that my mom comes over and spends some of the day with me. Today Wes started singing “she’s working 9 to 5…” To her because she was really here from 9-5!
 Bo was really fussy today – normally he can stop crying or fussing just by being picked up or talked to or fed and today he just seemed to be fussy. Prob a combo of a few things so we tried giving him a bath which worked for a little while.
 Wen got a few smiles talking to him before ema and I went to town trying to get rid of his cradle cap.

After his bath mom and I loaded everyone up and took them to go have a takeout lunch with our great uncle (kids great great uncle) at his retirement home nearby.
 He had a great time seeing the kids and, as always it was an easy place to take them to visit. If you have really young kids, consider visiting a retirement home with them – it brings so much joy to the residents, the employees are great with kids usually and it’s really safe!

Again, Bo was not his usual happy self but did ok, except for the photo.

There are several miracles in just this one photo. Bo, our great uncle and our reconciliation to him, our boys Wen and Philip and the fact that ALL of our family has welcomed them with open arms and without question. We are grateful to God every day but today I was especially thankful for the blessing of family.
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