Today Ema came over again and went through our seashells and sorted them and showed the boys how to clean them and identify them.

For as long as I can remember my mom has loved seashells. Walking the beach with us as children every summer we’d find them and then she’d teach us about each one. It was fun to see her teach the boys today. Sailors ears, brown cockles, slipper shells, jingle “toenail” shells, olives, moon shells, turbans, etc. I hope they will love finding seashells next time we visit the beach too!

 Bo hung right there with us too…
Bo gets a lot of attention from his brothers. Sometimes a little too much. And sometimes it’s hard to feed or change him because he’s trying to catch up with and watch what is going on. And there is always something going on!

 Today the boys took turns having Popsicles and some porch time while the other had a swim lesson! Can’t wait to show their progress they all have the confidence now to dive down for rings and can do some basic swim strokes. In just 6 lessons it is amazing how they have become such good swimmers!

After swimming Wen and Rand made beds in the living room and watched a show (we love peppa pig! A great vocabulary builder for English learners!) while I rocked Bo and Philip napped.

 I love my boys.

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