4 months

Today I (almost) finished up our homeschool space and then took Bo to his 4 month apt at the pediatrician. I’m a little behind since he’s closer to 5 months old now. What!?
 We talked about starting solid food soon and he had to get a lot of shots:( he did great though and only cried a little! Rand and Wen said a little prayer for him before we left and Rand cried then thinking about Bo getting shots! (And don’t let this fool you – he’s a compassionate kiddo but he also was the only one not obeying during the bedtime routine this eve).
 Bo and I made up a game with his burp cloth while waiting for shots…

 Also the boys and I did a science experiment today with some of the shells. Tell you more about it tomorrow as it is still ongoing…

 Tonight we swam and had some friends over for pizza and the boys loved it. Tonight I’m turning in early because who knows what will happen in the night with Bo and all those shots.

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