Summer days

We are easing into homeschool over here with some fun activities. We just finished up a unit study on seashells.  My mom has always loved shells/shelling and is somewhat of an expert so it was nice to do this project with her over the summer.

To complement it, we learned about the “sh” sound and identified words.  We also did some math and counted out 5 rows of 5 shells each and lined them up heaviest to lightest and tied them on strings of driftwood and made a mobile for Bo’s room!

Rand had fun with the jingle “toenail” shells.
IMG_4982 IMG_4984

IMG_5059 IMG_5022

Don’t worry, we decided not to hang the mobile directly over Bo’s bed, just in case!!!!

We also worked on setting up our school room.  Here’s part of it, I’ll post some more photos later.


Every day, the kids have fun fixing the calendar and recently, thanks to Grandmommy’s idea, we did a project and learned about where Brazil was and what the Olympics are.  Wen and Rand also have been practicing some sight words.  Don’t worry, I know “I got a dollar” is not a proper sentence, but Wen begged me to have that be his use of the word “a” in a sentence after our recent obsession with the Little Rascals.

We’ve also been out and about some.  We went and visited our Great Uncle (the kids Great, Great Uncle) again.  The kids were begging to go as they think the retirement center is pretty fun because everyone is really happy to see them and they also race up and down the halls.  As I’ve said before, I think it works out well to take young children to nursing homes.  It brings the residents great joy and, when the kids do things (like race down the halls), not everyone can hear them!  This time, the boys made some chocolate chip cookies and some hand-made cards to go with them for some of the people we’ve met.


Wen and I went out one afternoon and visited a new jerky store in town called Sage Harvest.  A percentage of the profits are donated to orphan care (mostly China!) and so we wanted to go see what it was all about.  We know one of the families who helped to open the store as they have adopted kiddos from China and were a help to us before our most recent trip.

Wen and I both liked the teriyaki jerky best!


Rand and Wen are going to start going to a bible study with me (the kids go their own study as well) and they were really excited about it and, even though it doesn’t start until September, they wanted to go see where it was today.  So, while Philip had some daddy time, we did a trial run to see how long it would take us to get there – it is out in the country!  We found it and, to the boys delight, there was an ice cream/coffee shop on the route that we stopped to check out.


Bo has been doing all sorts of new things and has been up a little more in the night than usual (hey, would you want to sleep if you just learned how to do a bunch of cool new tricks?  No!  You’d want to stay up and practice them too, right?)


We took him over to our mom’s the other night to get some work done and he wanted to join in.  Check out that smirk.


After being up feeding Bo in the night, this happens sometimes in the afternoons.  Where are the other kids?  Philip is also snoozing and Rand and Wen are on the other side of the sofa in their lego haven.  I will have to post a photo of that soon.


The other night Bo took his first dip in the pool and really enjoyed it.  The other 3 boys thought it was the most awesome night because it was bed time (almost) and Wes thew the older 3 in by surprise with their clothes on for a night swim.  They said it was “the most fun day” as they were falling into bed that night.


Tomorrow we’ll begin our new regime of trying to be more on a schedule for Bo and for the boys.  We haven’t gone on our family vacation yet (October!) and so it doesn’t feel like summer is almost over.  I’m glad we’ll be delaying it for as long as possible!





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