Sweet days and sweet potatoes

Guess who likes sweet potatoes? We mashed up a microwaved sweet potato for Bo and he didn’t love it. So I roasted some in the oven and Wen helped me scoop and blend them up with a little water and we decided it tasted so much better we tried again and sure enough, Bo loved it (and the other 3 loved tasting it!)

Next up…avocado maybe?
 Today the boys spent most of the day in the pool. Bo and I took a dip with them too but mostly kept an eye on them from under the fan on the porch.
 They have come up with so many little games and role plays. It’s fun to listen. And our neighbors have probably had it…these boys are so loud!

They all had another swim lesson today too – they have really done well learning strokes and now some dives and jumps.
 We also watched our birds and hummingbirds. Rand spotted this tiny goldfinch at the feeder. Can you see it?

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