A new regime

It has been a pretty major week around the Smith household.  In most important news the “China Flower” bloomed.  We have no idea what type of flower it is, but Wen knows.  He may or may not have smuggled some seeds into the country without knowing it (or the rules).  That’s why it’s in a pot and not the flower garden!  Anyone know what this is???  He said there is also a white flower and the red ones are used to make nail polish apparently!

Also, we are all trying to get into a routine for work and preschool and homeschool and baby sleeping schedule! Phew!  Although it’s been tough to make some changes, the kids really have thrived within the boundaries of a set routine.

For the past week, the boys have gotten up (or stayed in bed, in Rand’s case) at 7am, made their beds, gotten dressed, put their pajamas away, opened the drapes/turned off sound machine etc., and then they report to the kitchen to help set the table for breakfast.  At 7:30 we have breakfast all together and do our family time.


This week at family time, we’ve started learning The Lord’s Prayer all together and also we do a new question each morning from the Catechism.  This is the little book another mom suggested to me last year and we really like it for kids.  You can get it here or here.  Don’t pay more than $2 though! It’s a tiny little book and amazon has it mispriced.
At 8:00 the boys go brush teeth, gather their things for school and then we’re ready to go by 8:15 for either taking Philip to preschool, heading to our homeschool room (the den!) or  whatever we have for that particular day.

Since Wen uses a watch to keep up with his bathroom schedules, the other two boys have been wanting watches too… last week Rand bought one with his savings and Philip asked me if he could borrow mine, although I think he’s planning to keep it!

We don’t plan to do this routine for Saturdays or Sundays to make them special, but for the weekdays it has worked great so far!  And it has made me have to be READY myself…


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