One Year Later

Every year we take a trip to the NC mountains to spend a weekend with the Butlers and the Kings.  Jonathan and Ryan’s folks – Chip and Debbie – are dear friends who have the God-given gift of hospitality.  It is always a fun weekend of fellowship, great food, worship and even a few competitive board games.  Last year, all three girls were pregnant – due dates all within six weeks….so we took this photo:

And one year later…a lot has changed:

While the weekend wasn’t full of mountain climbing or sightseeing or even staying up late like we usually have done in the past…it was full of sweet memories (and sounds!) and we are already looking forward to next year. I wish I’d taken more pictures – especially on Saturday because it snowed.  It’s hard to believe just a few weeks ago we were at the beach! I did snap this one with my phone…Rand was pretty bundled up thanks to cousin MJ’s snuggly hand-me-downs.

Jackson and Rand had a lot to catch up on.

It is nearly impossible to get 3 little boys to sit still. I think we had too many people making faces and it was cracking Rand up. He giggled the entire time (his new thing is to cover his face when he laughs). If Jackson looks a little stunned to you, just cut him some slack. How would you be looking if you’d just woken up to 6 adults with cameras making crazy faces and animal noises at you???

And here’s one of our sweet hostess Debbie. We added THREE new people to the mix this year – she and Chip were such good sports to have all the babies there at once!

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