Sucked in

Yesterday at lunchtime, I was minding my own business eating a bowl of leftover tomato-basil-parmesan soup when BAM, I fell down the rabbit hole…I was just going to check my email…

Anyhow, I stumbled upon a few interesting things…thought I’d share.  Some from friends’ facebook pages, some from Pinterest and so on:

A blog post with a really good list of recommendations for iPhone/iPad apps.  I am OBSESSED with RedLaser now and have been scanning everything in sight.  This app is a revolutionary timesaver for a bargain hunter like myself.  Thanks for the great list Eric!

Rand is eating new foods everyday and thinking about what is best for him has really been convicting to me about what I eat and SERVE.  In our home, I’m the one responsible for what is on our plates at every meal.  Found THIS and THIS.  BOOKMARK!

I was randomly googling about if you can still cook and eat spinach that is a little slimy (you can’t), and found what I should have done when the spinach was gettin’ there.

Saw this on facebook…a good read if you’re human because you probably have someone to forgive too.

I was catching up on my friend Martha’s hilarious blog and she posted this fun video…Wes and I have enjoyed having a few date nights on the sofa with FOX’s new series New Girl.   Zooey Deschanel is so funny!

Last, but not least, thinking about New Year’s, made me think about what we were doing last year on New Year’s: celebrating James and Samantha like crazy.  I confess, I will never grow tired of watching their wedding video.  Makes me wanna plan a trip to Austin to visit them…maybe tomorrow at lunch I’ll just check into a few plane flights…

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  1. Eric January 6, 2012 at 7:10 pm #

    Hey Anna,

    Glad you found it helpful. :-) Thanks for the mention.


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