Spring break

Wow – I can’t believe Spring is already here and Bubs is already 11 months old! Someone recently told me a baby’s first year goes the slowest of all the years ahead…oh no!

Yesterday we got some cute Easter decor (I’ve always been “holiday minimal” and my mother-in-law does her best to change that). Apparently she got this little dish at Michaels. It used to have more M&M’s in it…

And this Easter bunny rabbit, also from Michaels, is now in the foyer. Rand loves saying hi to it when we come and go.

In other Spring decor…these are some hot pink camellias we poached from our cousin’s new yard. We are so excited Brouck and Janie will be in Pinehurst for good in a few months!

Until lately, we’ve been spending lots of time outside, but the pollen has finally won out.

Bubs has spent lots of time in the tub lately too. Teething diapers are the worst. We have lost a few pairs of pjs and have taken a few less naps in the process. But we’ve survived so far.

This past weekend we went on a little “spring break” (i.e. a break from all this pollen!) ourselves to Austin, TX to visit Uncle James and Aunt Samantha. Β In preparation for our trip, I’ve been watching THE ENTIRE SERIES of Friday Night Lights.

How did I miss this back when it was airing? While I admit that didn’t watch much tv pre-baby, I must have been living under a rock. While I wasn’t able to finish season 5 before we left, I’m down to 6 episodes (out of about 60!!!). I guess this is what happens when you have a child that goes to bed around 5:30 or 6pm every night and you can’t go anywhere.

Anyhow, more on FNL and TEXAS later…

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  1. Jenn April 2, 2012 at 11:33 pm #

    Anna-we’re totally going through FNL right now. Netflix for the WIN! You’re right, we weren’t tv people before but NOW that shes in bed early and we’re homebound having a “show” is kind of fun!

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