Random things from today

Okay so a few more things I’m liking lately…

Hanging out with my little buddy who all of a sudden is a big boy!  Unfortunately he’s not been feeling well and is cutting more teeth.  Molars?  The bad news is he doesn’t want to play much and has been running a fever.  The good news is he has only wanted to cuddle with me on the sofa or in the bed and today he learned where his ears are on Sesame Street.  This is the first time he’s ever felt like sitting still long enough to watch something for more than a minute.

This tea Tazo Organic Iced Green Tea with Spearmint and Lemongrass is on sale at Fresh Market for $1.  It is still a splurge so I probably need to find tea bags and make it myself.  For this week though, I’m treating myself to 1 per day:)

Also on sale at Fresh Market is the Mrs. Meyer’s line of cleaning products.  In particular, the liquid hand soaps are 2 for $8 AND there is a hanging coupon on most of them for $1 off 2 which makes each one only $3.50.  Obviously not as inexpensive as some other brands, but if you like Mrs. Meyer’s stuff, this is a deal – it makes it even less than it is at Walmart!!  I like the Lemon Verbena scent the best.

One more super deal is this Groupon that landed in my inbox today. I just got a cute pair of sunglasses, but if I hadn’t I would love a pair of these (a $425 pair of sunnies for $85):

or these…

This weekend is going to be full of fun. We are going to have dinner al fresco tomorrow night and then Saturday, we are going to attempt to make pickles!

My fridge is full of cukes and I’ve got the jars and the canning utensils but need to do a little more research to find the perfect recipe. Any suggestions?

Also this weekend, we are going to be celebrating Wes and Father’s Day! We don’t have many father’s left on either side of our families, but we will sure celebrate the heck out of the ones we still have here with us! I think I might be trying to attempt one of these funny things for “Pops” and “Bebo” (Rand’s grandpa and great grandpa)…

3 Responses to Random things from today

  1. chris June 15, 2012 at 1:15 pm #

    Anna? No fathers? Rand is is even more special than we all thought/

    • AnnaSmith June 15, 2012 at 1:19 pm #

      Oops maybe I need to edit how that reads. We will definitely be celebrating WES!!!!

  2. Ginger June 15, 2012 at 6:33 pm #

    You are such a good mommy, Anna! Happy Fathers Day, Wes!

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