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Zulily wins

While I am loving the new “express checkout” at Harris Teeter (you order your groceries online and then choose a time to pick them up…you can order up to 6 days in advance!  great for “planners” like me)…I got sucked in to the Zulily daily email today and ended up using some store credit to buy Rand one of these:

It is supposed to work in highchairs too.  And since Rand loves to chew on everything, I’m hoping this (and lots of prayer) will save us from some cold-season bugs.  It was a hard decision…there were 3 that I thought were super cute, but we only need one.


See you at Harris Teeter…it is Super Doubles this week!

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Something Fun

Hey friends – I’m guest blogging today over on the blog 101 Things I Love.  I think you’ll love Johanna’s blog too!

While I’m no baby expert, we are pretty proud of the fact that Rand is sleeping through the night thanks to a new routine and lots of prayer!  Now I just need to get to work on the nap time routine…


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Hello from the beach

This was Rand’s first time on the beach. I think he loved it as much as a 5-month-old possibly could.  There have been a lot of firsts this week and it is only Wednesday!


It was pretty windy on the beach which was nice because it cooled us off. Here’s Rand’s “feeling the wind on my face” look.

And his “I just put a salty hand in my mouth look.”

As you can see it was pretty windy, so my hair ended up ruining most of the photos.

Rand’s other new thing is to “hug” us…we are loving it.


Rand made his first (and second…) trip to J.B.’s Fishcamp with us.  When you eat as early as we do these days you don’t have to wait, but we went out on the dock anyway before dinner and said hello to a few of the resident Indian River manatees and had fun explaining to Bubs that he was a fourth generation J.B.’s patron.  We’ll have to go back again and get another photo without the bib, although he does look very patriotic.


Speaking of bibs, Rand’s favorite bib was custom-made by Aunt Samantha.  I had been attempting to make some myself but when this awesome one arrived one day, I put the sewing machine away.  From now on I will celebrate the talents of my sweet sister-in-law instead.

Aunt Samantha

Speaking of talent, we are also celebrating my friend Settle Monroe and her new business Pinecone Threads.  I’m loving this birdie onesie she made.

And this adorable dress (she makes rompers for the boys).  I love the Amy Butler fabric Settle uses and the overall chic simplicity of Pinecone Threads.

I think Rand will look good in this creative  “Mater Onesie” I ordered for him.

The soft, organic burp cloths would make great new baby gifts – $6 for a special homemade gift is a pretty good deal, you could get a few…or have Settle make one to match your romper or onesie.  You can see all the different designs in Settle’s Etsy shop.

We serve a creative God who made us in His image and calls us to be creative as well. Pinecone Threads and Rand’s “R” bib are such beautiful, creative expressions. I’m a thankful witness.

This reminds me, I can’t wait to tell you about the book I’m reading…I’ll save it for another post.

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Friday Photo Flashback

I miss Geah (what I call my grandmother) already, so you might hear about her a lot on the blog and you should just be okay with that.

So…I was looking back through photos (mostly events and vacations – I’m going to have to hook up the scanner soon y’all so we can get some real oldies) and I came across this one of my 4 favorite women. This picture is not great of any of them, hopefully they won’t mind.

It was taken at my baby shower and it makes me laugh because Geah was trying to figure out what on earth a “Pee-pee-tee-pee” was. Then the “hooter hider” really threw her for a loop. She couldn’t get over all the new things out there for babies these days. She was so amazed by the new cloth diapers, she treated Rand to a set of Fuzzi Bunz – one thing that we DO use every day.

I’ll never forget the day Wes and I called to tell her the news. Wes describes it as a “banchee warrior holler” noise that she made on the phone, followed by tears (of joy). She noticed the most when my belly grew.  And, when she met Rand for the first time, she said over and over how she just couldn’t believe all of that boy was in me…although this photo below was taken the day before Rand arrived and there is either a 7.5lb baby or a giant basketball under my shirt!

Geah made pregnancy extra fun. She’d sing nursery rhymes and talk to my belly several times a week (she did so even more often after I confessed to not doing it myself). She’d call almost every day to check on me and invite us to lunch or dinner.  And she’d show up at my doorstep with tupperware after tupperware of oranges all sectioned out and ready to eat (my main pregnancy craving…followed by krispy kreme). Some days, I’d pull in the driveway and see a little bag hanging on the doorknob and know she’d been by with more oranges and stacks of coupons. In fact, Harris Teeter must be honoring my grandmother with TRIPLE COUPONS this week.

Tomorrow, all the family arrives for Geah’s funeral.  So I may not get to Harris Teeter this time, and I may not even get another blog post up this weekend.  But I imagine Geah knows, and is thrilled that grocery shoppers are saving and that all of her grandchildren will be together again.

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Chubby goodness

Last night, after we took Rand by to visit our Geah (my grandmother), we had a fun dinner with great friends Mike & Windy.  Rand was perfect until Wes and I ignored his “I need to go to bed now” cues.  A combo of Windy’s brownies being too good to skip and us being a little too lenient (guess we’ll be the parents who let the kids stay up too late on special occasions…sorry Dr. Weisbluth).  In the middle of Rand’s meltdown, Wes commented that we had waited and prayed for Rand for so long that we didn’t mind meltdowns – we are just so thankful to have him.   (And thankful for friends like the Pratts who let us leave them with dirty dishes, ringing in their ears and spit-up on their shirts.)

I still wonder why we had to wait so long for Rand and have to catch myself from playing the “If only” game – especially now with Geah being so sick.  Although the Lord may never show us all of His reasons, He has encouraged us along the way by surprising us with two sweet friends for Rand.  Ryder was born 5 weeks before Rand and Jackson one week after.   When I look at this picture of the three best buds, it reminds me that even though our trials can be tough, we can still be surprised by His goodness.  Right now, it is goodness in the form of six chubby little lined-up legs.

Rand, Ryder and Jackson. July 2011.

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Wednesday Idiom

Is it really only 9am?  It feels like it should be lunchtime already.  I can vaguely remember the preggo days when I would just be waking up at 9am…

9:00am is naptime for Rand and “do whatever I can as fast as possible time” for me (if the little rascal goes to sleep).  I have learned that the 9am morning nap is pretty universal for babies and now I feel terrible for all the times I’ve been oblivious to this with my friends who have young children.  My new rule: Don’t make plans prior to noon.

In other news, Rand has found his feet.  Who needs a pacifier when you are flexible enough to fit your big toe (or both big toes) in your mouth?  Wes says we are keeping this picture to show him the first time he ever “put his foot in his mouth.”

Also, today I’m blogging on sandhillsdig.com…check it out.

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