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Good news, a giveaway

Where do I begin…tonight was a blast. First, we got to do our usual bedtime routine for Rand. Here’s Rand in his sleep sack ready to hit the sack, and me ready for a fun dinner out with the girls followed by…

A book launch party! My talented friend Rachel Hernandez wrote “My Secret Angel and Me” – a well-written beautifully illustrated book that is also a great tool for parents to teach their children the gospel story of Christmas, and it even touches on Santa (you could say it is the Christian version of an Elf on the Shelf type book). Brilliant.  Not to mention, the book itself is a work of art by Ashley Adorno (Rachel’s sister-in-law).  I can’t stop reading it.  It’s already sold out online, but here’s a list of retail locations who will ship one to you…or even better…just keep reading…

So you may wonder…what’s Rach doing in this picture? She is signing a copy of the book & angel set for a Paper Road reader!!! This book set will be our very first giveaway (hopefully more to come). Here’s how to enter:

1. Post a comment briefly telling why you want the book OR who you’d gift it to

For additional entries (one for each additional comment), post in the comment section that you have done any of the following:

2. “Share” this post on facebook (see bottom for link) and then post a comment that you shared it

3. Tweet the post, and post a comment that you tweeted it

4. Mention/link to the giveaway in your blog and post your blog link in comments

There will be a random drawing done at the end of the day on Monday, December 5th so start blogging & commenting!

I’m so excited that Rachel’s book is our first fun giveaway.  When I moved to Pinehurst, Rachel and I were introduced because her mom and my mother-in-law are friends.  Rach invited me to join a bible study she was starting in her home and even though I barely knew her, I went.  So did a bunch of other girls – none of us knew each other, but all were asked by Rachel, who was lead by the Holy Spirit  (She invited a girl she met at mother’s morning out and another was standing in line near Rachel at Chick-fil-a)!  Now, 3 years later, we are all still great friends and the bible study is still going.

11 super sweet ladies…would you believe that between all of us there are TWENTY-FIVE KIDS?!  (some still in utero) What’s in that Moore Co. water?

Speaking of kids…Rand had on his Tim Tebow jersey today in support of his favorite football player.

And here he is working on his Heisman pose…

Wes and I wish there were a lot more Tim Tebows out there. He inspires us to be bold in our faith.  CHECK IT OUT. (note: I fast forwarded and linked to the last of the interview, but feel free to start it over and listen to the whole clip)

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Something Fun

Hey friends – I’m guest blogging today over on the blog 101 Things I Love.  I think you’ll love Johanna’s blog too!

While I’m no baby expert, we are pretty proud of the fact that Rand is sleeping through the night thanks to a new routine and lots of prayer!  Now I just need to get to work on the nap time routine…


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Finding Truth in a Google Font

With my blog theme (Canvas – a Woo Theme for WordPress), you can customize just about anything on your site.  Really, it is way too many options for someone like myself who has a hard enough time figuring out what to order on even the most limited menu.  Given thousands of choices, there’s a real dilemma.  In a way, they could all be great, right?

So I choose my blog title font like I do my nail polish color…by its name:  COVERED BY YOUR GRACE.  Wow, a great reminder that each day of our journey (and everything I type below the header) is covered by the grace of a God who gave up His only Son so that we could have a relationship with Him.  My font is true.

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Hey friends, family and anyone else out there who is interested to know: I’ve officially hoisted myself onto the blogger bandwagon (although it feels like one foot is still dragging the ground behind me – setting up a blog myself is taking some time – especially when I only have 10 min. here and there to do it). Rand has inspired me to keep you up to date on what we’re up to…and, of course, it helps to have a shiny new computer to play with.  Here we go.

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