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October Recap

October has been a full month…I’ve been a little slow in writing all of the fun things that have been going on around here.

So, October began with a trip to the beach

and then ended with a trip to the mountains.

In between, we celebrated lots of birthdays…
On my 30th (whoa!) we had a nice family party at my mother-in-law’s. The weather was perfect so we squeezed in some quality back-yard time before the yummy dinner and dessert. Best of all, my cousin Elizabeth lives in Durham now and can meet up for family events – so fun to have her close by!

These were the favors my mother-in-law, Carolyn, made for everyone who came to my birthday party – pumpkin bread wrapped in a cute fall dishtowel. She sure knows me! I made THIS maple cream cheese recipe to go with our bread. (Note: I also made the “Health nut brownies” but they tasted like Cliff Bars to my family…so I won’t be making them again.)

We wished Uncle James and Aunt Mary Devon Happy Birthday.

And we celebrated Wes’ birthday and Aunt Jax’s birthday (yep – same day as Wes…just 6 years apart). This is the only photo I have from the birthday dinner. A lot has changed in the last year. Dinner was over by 7pm and these two rascals took over the table.

Grandmommie Carolyn is getting good at her animal sounds. Rand loves it when you ask him what a cow says…or what a doggie says…

MJ is very talented and is teaching Rand lots of new things like multitasking. Here he’s showing Rand how to drive a Buzz Lightyear truck while politely asking for a cracker.

And this is right after he showed Rand how to “swap pacis”

We hung out with all the cousins at Eddie & Emily’s wedding

This is my favorite photo from the wedding…Grandfather “Bebo” breaking the rules…

We had some quality time with Uncle Sam – actually, I think this subject deserves its own post when I get around to it.

And some quality time with Aunt Mary Devon

Rand is gearing up for Thanksgiving and cut both bottom teeth. While they don’t show enough to photograph yet, check this photo out of Rand in his new highchair. With sweet potatoes and oatmeal under our belts, we branched out to some new solid foods…pears, apples, peas and whole grain rice cereal.

And most of all, we missed Geah…although I can’t help but wonder if she had something to do with my favorite birthday present. On Sunday, October 9th, while we were having coffee in the kitchen, this butterfly landed right outside on one of my zinnias. I can’t believe it stayed there long enough for me to go get my camera and come back. It was a sweet and beautiful moment – a gift – from the Lord.

November has a lot to live up to.

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Friday Photo Flashback

I miss Geah (what I call my grandmother) already, so you might hear about her a lot on the blog and you should just be okay with that.

So…I was looking back through photos (mostly events and vacations – I’m going to have to hook up the scanner soon y’all so we can get some real oldies) and I came across this one of my 4 favorite women. This picture is not great of any of them, hopefully they won’t mind.

It was taken at my baby shower and it makes me laugh because Geah was trying to figure out what on earth a “Pee-pee-tee-pee” was. Then the “hooter hider” really threw her for a loop. She couldn’t get over all the new things out there for babies these days. She was so amazed by the new cloth diapers, she treated Rand to a set of Fuzzi Bunz – one thing that we DO use every day.

I’ll never forget the day Wes and I called to tell her the news. Wes describes it as a “banchee warrior holler” noise that she made on the phone, followed by tears (of joy). She noticed the most when my belly grew.  And, when she met Rand for the first time, she said over and over how she just couldn’t believe all of that boy was in me…although this photo below was taken the day before Rand arrived and there is either a 7.5lb baby or a giant basketball under my shirt!

Geah made pregnancy extra fun. She’d sing nursery rhymes and talk to my belly several times a week (she did so even more often after I confessed to not doing it myself). She’d call almost every day to check on me and invite us to lunch or dinner.  And she’d show up at my doorstep with tupperware after tupperware of oranges all sectioned out and ready to eat (my main pregnancy craving…followed by krispy kreme). Some days, I’d pull in the driveway and see a little bag hanging on the doorknob and know she’d been by with more oranges and stacks of coupons. In fact, Harris Teeter must be honoring my grandmother with TRIPLE COUPONS this week.

Tomorrow, all the family arrives for Geah’s funeral.  So I may not get to Harris Teeter this time, and I may not even get another blog post up this weekend.  But I imagine Geah knows, and is thrilled that grocery shoppers are saving and that all of her grandchildren will be together again.

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