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Weekend fun

This past weekend we walked to a local crafts festival. I found some really cute handmade puzzles – Rand will get it for his 1st birthday so don’t tell him. We also found the funnel cakes…

And we found Grandmommie…and Nina decided to catch a ride.

All the weekend fun landed me in bed Sunday with a sore throat.  Rand (in his new Mater Onesie) had a little cold himself but he wasn’t letting it get him down.  I chose this photo because it shows his sweet little dimple (and it isn’t too zoomed in on the piece of dog hair on his cheek! Errr!)

I almost forgot…last week we took belated 5 month photos before Rand grows even more.  This one’s for you Auntie Jax!



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Highlight reel

As promised, here are the highlights from MJ’s Mickey Mouse-themed 1st birthday party…but first, a few from our weekend:

Rand has discovered Nina and is fascinated by her.

Remember the “great day” I blogged about earlier…well, It began AFTER this early-morning moment in the nursery that Wes captured. This photo was taken just seconds before the little drooler threw up all over my neck/face. Yep. He was going in for a sweet morning kiss and blahhhhh. Looking at the photo takes me right back to that very moment. And it also makes me wonder if I need some sort of face-tone evening and zit zapping treatment. Or maybe just the works. Spa anyone?

Okay, on to the good stuff…MJ’s Birthday was a big hit – everyone looks great in mouse ears.

Rand got to meet his cousin Joely Beth (she is exactly 20 days older!)

They are both pretty chilled-out kids

They must take after their cousins Joel & Trey

The bright mickey mouse cupcakes were a big hit

We sang Happy Birthday,

skyped with the Capassos in Pennsylvania,

and gathered around to open gifts

But most importantly, no one enjoyed the party more than the birthday boy himself.

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Good morning

Wes’ left-over NY Strip steak breakfast sandwiches + Bubs (Rand’s nickname) made for a good Labor Day Monday morning.

A typical morning in our kitchen…

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