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Flame Prince Peaches

Yesterday, Rand and I ventured over to the Monday Farmers’ Market (Ruben the crazy bird tagged along too).
Rand and Ruben the Crazy Bird

It was a busy day, but I had a hankering for some peaches…Flame Prince peaches to be exact (NOT Red October Sam Franklin & Wesley Smith). The Flame Prince is a really yummy yellow freestone peach that is usually ready in late July/August. I learned that “freestone” varieties are ready later in the summer and “clingstone” varieties are earlier. The names mean just what they sound like – freestone peach meat doesn’t stick to the pit, clingstone sticks to the pit. Now I just need to find the perfect peach cobbler recipe. Any suggestions?

Farmers' Market August

I also picked up some delicious multigrain bread at the market. Wes and I use it for our toast in the morning. Although I just noticed half of it is already gone so we must have snacked on it some too…

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