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Friday Photo Flashback

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. Wowzers. Today, we had a doc appointment in Charlotte and, while in the neighborhood, we cruised through IKEA, aka: the most kid-friendly store I’ve ever been in. We plopped Rand into a highchair for lunch and he was so happy just watching the buzz all around him. He even tasted his first mashed potatoes (Wes wouldn’t share any meatballs) which got me thinking that we’ll have to puree some turkey and mashed potatoes for him this week!

Anyhow, on to the photo flashback…this foggy gem of Franklin siblings is from Thanksgiving 2009. Perhaps the foggiest and one of the most fun Thanksgivings. We were with our good friends the Halberts and the Butlers AND it was the Thanksgiving that we adopted our puppy Nina! I’m pretty sure I wore that same vest last year and what do you know…I have it on now. Good thing the weather has been different so we can tell which year is which!

I can’t show you a pic from last year because it was a freezing cold drizzlefest BUT, here’s a little video flashback from sunny 2008 (also the year I got a flip cam…).

We can’t wait to show Rand this fun family and community tradition. Already praying for good weather this year!

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Blessed Emmanuel

Blessed are you, O Child of the Dawn, for your light that dapples through creation on leaves that shimmer in the morning sun and in showers of rain that wash the earth. Blessed are you for the human spirit, dappled with eternal light in its longings for love and birth and its pain-filled passions and tears. Blessed are you, O Christ, for you awaken me to life. Blessed are you for you stir me to true desire.
A Celtic Benediction by J. Phillip Newell

This benediction was put to beautiful music this morning – a farewell anthem to the Rev. Meaghan Kelly written by Samuel Hunter and commissioned by Dr. Homer Ferguson and the Emmanuel Choir. We will really miss Meaghan and Jonathan.

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