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A Hummingbird for Tally

Today was a great day.  After church we put Rand down for his nap (he has been such a good napper lately!) and enjoyed some Jersey Mikes (Turkey & Provolone Mike’s Way..yum yum) and sat out by the pool for an hour or so.  After lunch, our dear friend Tally stopped by to bring Rand a special gift and hang out some before she leaves this week to continue her amazing work in Africa.  She and the very talented Jessie Mackay will be there for a month – their fourth trip to a small village in Tanzania where they are teaching art and theology and so much more.  You can follow along on their journeys here.

A few weeks ago, I ran into Tally at the Farmers’ Market and she reminded me about Mary Oliver…so I’ve been rereading some Mary Oliver myself.  And I’m reminded of Tally and Jessie who, in Africa, have found their work.

The Hummingbird

It’s morning, and again I am that lucky person who is in it.

And again it is spring,

and there are the apple trees,

and the hummingbird in its branches.

On the green wheel of his wings

he hurries from blossom to blossom,

which is his work, that he might live.


He is a gatherer of the fine honey of promise,

and truly I go in envy

of the ruby fire at his throat,

and his accurate, quick tongue,

and his single-mindedness.


Meanwhile the knives of ambition are stirring

down there in the darkness behind my eyes

and I should go inside now to my desk and my pages.

But still I stand under the trees, happy and desolate,

wanting for myself such a satisfying coat

and brilliant work.

~ by Mary Oliver

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